Sunday, July 31, 2011

Birthday Parties and Children

It's about time I started writing blog posts again. For the last while I've really struggled to find something to write about, not that there is any shortage of subject matter, just a shortage of motivation on the part of Geoff. Well I've been reading some of my earlier posts and must admit that they are very inspirational, even though I sometimes forget what I've already written and how I felt at the time. Now I do realize that my writing is only about the things that I've experienced in my life and observations I've made but, they do seem to be of interest to a whole lot of people from all walks of life, some of them possibly looking for answers to very painful circumstances they are having to deal with.  I've been watching the key words people have searched for and landed up at one of my posts, very interesting. God is amazing and has given me an ability to show his love through my writing, I hadn't realized this until very recently and so that is what I need to do. We are all given gifts and abilities but I have been given so many that it is hard to decide what I'm supposed to be doing, now I know, I must write about them and, in so doing, tell of his love not only for me, but for those who are going through struggles of their own. The Internet is a fantastic tool for the telling of the love of  God.
Today I want to tell you about a kid's birthday party I attended this afternoon and what conclusions I drew from it.
It doesn't take much to have a successful children's party.
There are a few things that make it special. Cake, children "looove" birthday cakes, even small ones as long as there are candles to blow out and icing on top. Presents, now which child doesn't absolutely love presents, they must of course be wrapped, it's so exciting to unwrap them and see what is hidden inside. They don't have to be wrapped the way I wrap gifts, all arty and elaborate but can easily be wrapped in news paper, they don't really care all that much, as long as it's wrapped.  Friends, too many is not possible but they should be their closest friends, the ones they usually spend time with. Family, brothers and sisters and if possible, Mommy And Daddy, this of course isn't always possible but is preferable. And then there is the happy birthday song or as today, songs, in three different languages, first Afrikaans, next English and then Xhosa. Only the kids could sing in Xhosa, the adults could only sing in Afrikaans and English, not all of us, there was a young French lady and myself who could only join in in the English version. It was very touching to hear these sub-teen children singing in a language we can neither speak nor understand.
There are a number of other things that can be added to make the party even more special like ice cream and cool drinks and of course sweets (candy) but the most important thing is friends.
You know, and here I'm only speaking from experiences I had when my children were small, if you were to have no money and couldn't afford any of the above mentioned things but invited their friends around for a make believe party, they would still have a blast. It seems that the Lord has instilled in our children an acceptance of the way things are that leaves us adults way behind. The children who attended this little party today were more excited to be spending time celebrating a birthday together than anything else. It wasn't a big party with lots and lots of presents and goodies but they had a wonderful day all the same.
Jesus tells us, in talking about children, that the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these. He's right, it does.


  1. "The Lord has instilled in our children an acceptance of the way things are that leaves us adults way behind." Innocence. Guilelessness. Acceptance of 'what is'. I too noticed this recently with my grandchildren. If things did not go the way as were planned, after a gentle explanation, they simply and quietly accepted the situation--and with such tender innocence! I believe God gives such grace to children to help them cope with life and an often times confusing and frightening world.

    Young children can be perfectly satisfied with the simple joys in life if they have not been subjected to the advertising media overload that convinces them they need possessions to be happy in life. Time spent with a loving family and friends has immeasurable worth.

  2. Geoff, wonderful pictures and beautiful message. It is so important to remember that our gifts were given to be shared and no matter how busy our lives may get we must always put God's will for our life first. My first book is all about the message of the purposeful heart. The 3 books I am now writing are ll different but equally important. God Bless and thank you for continuing to share your hugs and pryers Patricia

  3. I remember a post that you did about wrapping gifts. At least I think it was your blog. I remember how beautifully you wrapped the gifts. I am just horrible at it!
    Love Di ♥

  4. Oh I so agree that often times we parents worry too much about the "things" and the kids really just want to know they are loved by friends and family! Beautiful post.

  5. Your beautiful reflection, no matter the material gifts but the spirit to rejoice together when we celebrate a birthday, congratulations !!!!!!!!!

  6. Great post, great cakes!

  7. Joy,
    Hi. I've been looking at your blog and seen the pictures of your grand children, they look so innocent, both of them. That is one thing I so miss in my own life, grandchildren, you are so blessed. Advertising experts target children too but instilling a way of life takes a while. Anyway it's not all about advertising, children don't watch the news. Animals don't either, they also have this acceptance built in to them, I think it's called innocence. It's good to hear from you my faithful friend, I always look forward to reading your assessments, bless you, Geoff.
    Patricia, Hi.
    I would love to read your book, make no mistake about it, you share your gifts with me too. Just like anyone else I too go through times when I get confused, it as times like that that my followers and blogging friends come to my rescue.
    God bless you Pat and love, hugs and pryers to you too :) ( I kinda like these little smiley faces)
    Hey Di,
    You don't know this but your name has very special significance in my life, maybe I'll tell you about it sometime.
    Yes it was one of my posts, here's the link
    For this party I had to wrap her "Journal" in the store where I bought it. I asked one of the assistants to help me, she was totally amazed. Unfortunately I didn't take a photo of it, Rats.
    Thanks for the visit, I always love hearing from you.
    Judging by your posts, not only do your lovely children know that they are loved but I'm sure you students do too. You seem to have a fantastic family. May my God bless all of you including your students. You can tell them that someone from Cape Town has sent them a blessing, that will intrigue them I'm sure.
    I'm like you in a way, I carry my camera and I'm not shy to use it. One thing that I've noticed, When people are celebrating together their faces light up with an inner light that seems to be capture-able on camera. I love it. Thanks for the visit, I appreciate it so much.
    Thanks. The cakes were store bought but there was nothing of them left at the end of the day all the same, kids don't care, they just like cake. I'm with them all the way, I do too.
    God bless you to all my friends who commented on this post, I love you all, Geoff.

  8. Kids seem to love birthday parties, not so much many of us adults. I'd just as well not think of my birthdays as I get older. Birthday parties are best saved for kids.

    Tossing It Out

  9. Lee, HA HA HA if I could say this in French I'd say I agree. Dacor, or something like that.

  10. I'd like to hear the story someday!
    Love Di ♥

  11. Amen!

    What a wonderful story and a wonderful day.

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