Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Robbed While at Work

Archibald Marmaduke Lyon

Just had the police here. Last night, while sitting at my computer reading blogs, I noticed there was something missing from my desk, a small tin containing all my loose change. I'm the only person that has access to my home and I know where things are, there is no one else to move things around. Then I noticed one of my flash drives was also missing. Someone had been in my house during the day. Now, as can be imagined, this put me in quite a bad mood. This is not the first time this happened and there is someone I suspect of doing this. Previously, when my camera and all my extension leads went missing I realized that the person who had done this had to be on good terms with my dogs, they will not allow anyone they don't know well into the house and the children that live on the farm are terrified of them as are most people, they are farm dogs and are very active and appear extremely aggressive. Whoever was getting into my home had also to be rather slightly built because there is only one way to get in and that is through the very narrow passage that my dogs use.
just a very narrow passage

Last time when I spoke to the owner of a business, where this passage comes out, his reply was that unless I could prove that it was the person I suspected we should give him the benefit of the doubt and let it go, it could have been one of the children. The one thing that in my opinion ruled out children, was the fact that whoever had been in my house had made himself a sandwich and put the liver pate' back in the fridge, children won't do that. They will grab whatever they wanted and scram, they certainly would not put what they didn't use back in the fridge. Another thing that ruled them out was of course the fact that they are afraid of my dogs and are not in any way on friendly terms with them. He did speak to his employee but as can be expected everything was denied.
Today, when I spoke to him again about what had happened yesterday, he told me that once again everything was denied by his employee, I had already sent him an s.m.s. last night telling him that if I caught his worker in my house, I would not be held responsible for my actions. I informed him that I was going to get the police involved because, although he was saying I must give his man the benefit of the doubt, it is me who is taking hits and loosing my things, not him. This has already cost me more than R3000.00 and he is not only taking my things but my food as well. So that is what I have done, called the police and made a case. We will see what happens.
I must say that the police in Melkbos have given me the service that shows their concern for the community they are looking after.  I'm impressed. This is the first time in more than ten years I've needed to ask them to intervene, that's how long I've been living here. God bless the South African police force.
Lord I do trust you and know that there is a lesson in this for me. I pray you keep your eye on what is happening here and bring about a fair and just conclusion. I humbly ask this in the name of Jesus, always your servant, Geoff.
On a much lighter note though, things are going well at work with the building beginning to get near completion.  The pressure is on though and I now have an extra two people helping me. It does tend to slow my own work down a bit as I now need to divide my time trying to keep everyone busy and on track while not neglecting what I need to get done.
7th floor wardens apartment 

I went up to the seventh floor to see how things were progressing there, there are two wardens apartments that I need to fit out with kitchens and cupboards up there but they are still a long way from being ready for me. The windows still need to be installed and the walls plastered. There is much to be done up here and by the looks of things I will only be able to get in around about the end of July.
Looking north 
The view from up here is quit good, with Lion's head and Table Mountain to the south and the Cape Flats northwards. I felt sorry for the guys installing the guttering, it was windy today and there is snow on the mountains, very cold.
The apartments on the first floor are just about complete and I now find myself working on the ground floor completing all the maintenance stores and mess rooms. We will be doing the receptions fittings soon but for now are still in the other areas. This is a big building. It's been great so far and God has been very good to me by placing me here.


  1. I'm glad your work is going so well. Hope they catch the culprit!

  2. Looks like a big job and you have much work to keep you busy.

    It is good to have police and security that wants to be of assistance, but they can't do anything if their is no evidence. Sadly the only evidence seems to be your missing things!It is bothersome to have anything stolen from you. I have a feeling that if someone asked you would be a willing sharer, but just to take is not respectable. My parents and I have both been victims of theft, and unfortunately the police said each time that it was no doubt someone who knew us. That is a hard thing to swallow.
    May God look out for you and bring you blessings that can not be taken. Ahhh . . . you already have some of those my friend.

    Is there anyway that you can set up a trap for them for next time? A paint or dye when they open or touch something? A bucket of flour dropping from the ceiling on their head as they touch a string that has been moved by their entrance? A siren with a sensor that goes off by their body? Now if only your dogs could talk.

  3. Geoff, I must have missed something. What is this building for? You mentioned apartments, and something about you getting in... are you moving into this building? Just wondering: what is your current season?

  4. Another question: are you doing brickwork, concrete work, plumbing, electrical,or construction?

  5. Misha, thanks for the visit. Work is going along very well at the moment thanks. As far as catching the culprit is concerned, all I want is for him to be removed from the farm. I don't like thieves that lie so blatantly.

    One woman's Thoughts, Hello dear. Yes there are ways I could set a trap with a camera and infra red detector but that takes time and money and right now it is the beginning of a very busy week for me. That will have to wait.

    Joy, no silly, this is the job I'm doing for the university of Cape Town. I'm a carpenter and I'm installing kitchens and doing other joinery jobs to earn a living. No film work available right now so I'm working with an interior design company doing their installations for them. I live on a farm, why would I want to move into an apartment? You make me laugh sometimes. :)>

    Because I can no longer leave access for my dogs to get into the house, thief uses that entrance to get in too, my dog is now missing. Archibald is terrified of thunder and today there was a rainstorm with lightning and thunder and he could not get into the house. He's gone.
    I will write about this in my next post.
    God bless all of you, love Geoff.

  6. Oh no! Your dog is gone! Geoff, I hope he returns. You have so many concerns on your mind lately. I prayed for you yesterday, Geoff. Guess I'd better pray today also. (P.S. I see your point about not moving from a farm to an apartment. Thanks for clearing that up.)