Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This evening I was sitting at my computer and reading my Bible Isaiah chapter 46 verses 8-13 about How God would carry out his plan. Well I started thinking about Christians today identify themselves as Israel and this got me wondering what the word Israel meant so I looked it up and this is what Wikipedia says the name means: "Persevere with God." How interesting. Persevere means to never give up no matter how tough the going gets. Hmm, interesting. I can identify with that.
Right now I'm going to home cell so don't have time to complete this post but am hoping you will come back and leave your thoughts before I go any further. So comment away, I will be back in a few hours and will include what you say in the post. Have fun and may the Lord put His words in your mouth fingers. Geoff.

Already I see that this is going to be a very interesting post. I've just come back from Home Cell and guess what we discussed, Perseverance.
I have a friend who'se wife has just left him and while standing there thinking about his wife and this particular post, I could not help but think how his wife had not persevered.
Before I go too far with this, there is something I would like to say. I'm not a preached or very learned, I'm not trying to convert anyone nor am I trying to convince anyone of anything. All I'm going to do is put forth my understanding as to what "persevere with God" means to me. I do understand that this particular word holds tremendous meaning for people all over the world and I put forth my opinion with all humility. As I said, I'm not learned or anyone special. I'm just a carpenter who loves God and has tremendous respect for His word.
Two people have commented already, Child of God and Pam.
"Persevere with God", to me says: Keep going with God, don't keep on trying without Him because if we persevere with Him, He will see us through. The struggle won't be for so long, it will be over soon enough because God has brought his victory near. James only summited on Kilimanjaro because he persevered even though there were times he wanted to give up. Pam, or without God.


  1. Love this!

    Rebellious, we are a red-neck people, lovers of self choosing our pathway.

    God is telling us He is bringing His righteousness near v13...Jesus! From the very beginning Jesus, the Word, was destined to die for us. What really blows me away is God tells us we are stubborn and rebellious yet He shows us His love by claiming He is God and telling us His purpose will stand. v10

    Do you know why I love mountain climbing and am so pleased that your son, James is climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro? For this very word, preserve. To keep going and not give up. If you have this attitude then no matter what Satan throws at you, you can keep going persevering in God; Israel. Life is tough! No way around it, really we can't give up ever, we need to keep slugging and the more we keep putting one foot in front of the other and keep our eyes on Jesus the more He can do through our lives and we may not see it until we are in heaven with Him. Like a pebble thrown into the water, the waves go on for a long time.

    I am interested in reading what you have to say about these awesome verses that show us God is God and He will do what He has planned all along.


  2. According to God changed Jacob's name to "Israel", meaning "struggles with God". Humanity has "struggled with God" since the beginning of time. If only we would submit to God's plans, which will be carried out, instead of "struggling with God", we would find victory and joy.

  3. "Persevere with God" to me translates to . . . do your best and do it with everything you have and when you feel you can't anymore that you have nothing left, that is when God is there to help you. He has been there all along, but now you are acknowledging Him and thereby honoring Him. God will not forsake you.

  4. This is turning into a most enlightening post. The more I think about it the more I see that perseverance with God, is something we are exhorted to do though out the the scriptures. As Paul puts it, "Run to win."
    Off to work now but I will be back this evening to continue with this post.
    Lord, I won't give up.

  5. I have been thinking about people who persevered and what they accomplished in the end. Corrie Ten Boon comes to mind, Nelson Mandela too. Who else, who else, Hmm?

  6. Hello Geoff. I wanted to comment on your post, but I held off because I felt I should think more about what I wanted to say. Just this morning I was reading Hebrews chapter 12, verses 1-3, and 'perseverence' came to mind. "Let us run with endurance, the race that is set before us..." "Fixing our eyes on Jesus..." " that you will not grow weary and lose heart." I've had times where I was happily skipping through life, and then, bam! A huge problem drops in my lap... Since I am a new creature in Christ, I know I have the 'tools' to handle a problem differently than I would have before becoming a Christian. I know that the battle is not between flesh and blood--time to go to the Lord for strength, sustenence, hope, truth, and a heaping helping of daily bread! I persevered over the months, continually praying to and waiting upon the Lord for deliverance. Sometimes it takes so long! Finally, the problem has passed--I persevered. Daily, I place one spiritual foot in front of the other, clinging to the promises of God--and not always running with endurance, but sometimes walking or even crawling. Crawling with endurance! Better than giving up! We Christians know Truth, we're the ones with the 'cookie'! We of all people, should be the ones who 'come out on top' of life!
    Next up: Accomplished Lives--my take.

  7. Accomplished Lives: As an example, we see our lives as from point 'A' to point 'Z'. Birth to death. If you look at someone's life, perhaps it does not seem all that dramatic, purposeful, nor possibly even fruitful. We may think our lives are boring, not counting for much. But I had the thought that our lives may not be just from point A to point B... maybe God looks at the circumstances, choices, and influences of what led up to our life, and what happens after our death... the choices others made before we were born that impacted our life, and the choices we made during our life, that have/will impact others who come along after us. Perhaps a grandmother prayed for our salvation when we were a child. She died, we eventually were saved, and then, we took up the baton, and prayed for a grandchild. We pass on, and later, the grandchild becomes a Christian. In between these events, we just fulfilled our day to day seemingly boring responsibilities. Was our life just from point A to point B? Did we accomplish something in 'the end'? I think that perhaps there might not be an 'end', that our life may be measured by the results--however far in the future they may be--of what we did during our 'alive' time on earth. Having recently read and learned about Corrie Ten Boom, she has influenced me... no 'end' in sight for Corrie Ten Boom! Keep on keeping on!

  8. Oh, BTW, I meant a new 'creation', not creature. oops. guess everyone got a good laugh.

  9. Joy, Hi. When I started this post it was kind of impulsive in a way, I was so excited by the thoughts running through my head that I couldn't keep them to myself. Well ever since then I've been thinking about how God, through His word and deeds, lets us know that we should lean on Him in all circumstances and let Him bear the load. Isaiah 46 verses 3 and 4 puts it this way,

    "Listen to me, house of Jacob and all the remnant of the house of Israel,
    a load on me from your birth, carried by me from the womb:
    till you grow old I am He,
    and when white hairs come, I will carry you still;
    I have made you and I will bear the burden,
    I will carry you and bring you to safety."

    I also realise that I am a burden on the Lord, I'm never as obedient as I should be, nor do I lean on Him the way I should but instead try to do thing's my way. And then, Bam!
    There are two ways we can interpret the word "With" and both are relevant. One way is to say we must never give up following God/Jesus, being obedient and faithful to Him, which of course we do. The other is to say that no matter what the world throws at you and no matter how difficult the challenge we can persevere knowing that God will see us through because He has told us He will.
    Both are relevant and if taken together mean complete victory.
    This name "Persevere with God" has such profound meaning. Jesus tells us to persevere in loving those that hate us. He tells us to keep on being good to those who just use us. He tells us that even when we are persecuted and on the verge of death, we should persevere.
    Everywhere through out the Bible these words ring out, "God is in control."
    These posts on Geoff's Blog will endure for many years after Geoff has passed away, so too with all those you have written and without a doubt, somewhere along the line, they will impact a life.
    Life began a long time ago and that same life, the first, has impacted me and will keep on impacting lives for as long as there is even one person around. We are so connected, I influence my daughter, she in turn influences a friend who in turn influences her brother and so on and so on. We are so all part of one body. I could write about this forever.
    Thanks for your thoughts, this is a tough one, interesting but thought provoking.
    God bless, Love, Geoff.

  10. Yes Geoff. Jacob was given the name because he 'wrestled' with God till dawn and he prevailed. Genesis 32:28,30 Great post!