Sunday, June 26, 2011

Home Safe and Sound

Well, the whole Vox expedition team accomplished their goal and all have returned home safely. To say this was an epic undertaking would be an understatement, not everyone who attempts this climb is successful. I know that the pictures of this beautiful mountain make it look quite tame but, Kilimanjaro has claimed a lot of lives so far. 
James and Coleen are both safely back in Cape Town and I will be having lunch with them today. I'm sure they will be very forthcoming with pictures and stories. I'm going to bring some of their pictures home with me this evening so I can post them here for all of you to see. I'll also try to convince them to co-author a post so they can tell of their experiences, this may take some doing but I will try.
I for my part would like to say to each and every one of you, "Thank you for your prayers for them and for the enthusiasm you have shown in your comments about their trip." I will tell them all about you and hopefully get James to open my blog for them to see. I know they are tired and really want to rest but they have a story to tell and I want to hear it. I'm extremely proud of both of them and can't wait to tell all about it.
Once again, thanks and may God bless all of you this Sunday. I'll be back later to write another post about the Vox Kilimanjaro 2011 expedition.  God bless and love, Geoff.


  1. Hi Geoff,
    I hope you have a wonderful lunch time with James and Coleen.

  2. I'm glad they're home safe and sound. Looking forward to some details and photos about the trip :-)


  3. There is much to celebrate amongst you, the coming home of a very grand journey.
    It inspires me that even going on a journey and being as prepared as possible there will always be new struggles to greet you. So much is possible, with faith, determination and understanding of our own strengths, weaknesses and yet allowing for giving more that you even knew was in you to give.
    I am in awe and have great respect for those that take such a journey. It would be so gracious and delightful if you could share a photo, an experience or a memory.
    I know your father and all those that love you are on cloud nine that you are safe, home and well. Even those of us that don't know you personally have been with you in spirit, enthusiasm and prayer.