Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Father's Love

James White Maritz, my father.
Some time ago I read about a woman, I cant remember where I read it nor what her name was, but she had approached one of the major greeting card manufacturers after visiting a prison. Mother's day was coming up and she felt that it may be a good idea to get hold of some Mother's day cards and give them to the prisoners. Well the greeting card people thought this was a great idea and willingly handed over 500 cards to her. She duly distributed them to the prisoners and all 500 were taken.
Later in the year, as Father's day was approaching, she once again asked the same card company to help her with Father's day cards, they again gave her 500. When she went to the prison not one card was taken. This to me was amazing and very sad.
So, because I really loved my father and have missed him ever since 1978 when he died, I'm writing this tribute to him.
Dad, I still miss you and would like to say to you, "Thank you for all that you taught me. Thank you for the values you instilled in me and the love you showed me. I know that on many occasions I disappointed you and frustrated you but you always loved me and were good to me. You were the kind of father that every boy needs, someone to look up to and admire. You were amazing and all your children took your example of how to live to heart. May the Lord keep you with Him until we come to you in Heaven. We all still love you dad and look forward to being with you once again." Felicity, Charmian, Geoffrey, Myles and Toni.
Fathers are very important, especially for boys.
James in training for Kilimanjaro.

My son James is, at this moment, on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest mountain. Lord please keep James safe, this I ask as his father and as one who loves him. Lord, I'm asking this of you in the name of Jesus your son whom I know you love very much. Bless you Lord for all the fathers of the world, even though to some they may not seem perfect.
Happy Father's day my blogger friends, may your example of how to live go forth in your children. Love to you all, Geoffrey.


  1. Happy Father's Day Geoff!

    What a lovely tribute to your dad, he sounds like a wonderful man who knew how to look out for his children.

    This story you shared is so very sad and I can see why people can have a hard time relating to a loving, caring God. When a father's love is missing or abusive a child will transfer their anger to God. But, I love how God can come in a cover them in an overwhelming love that they have never felt before. Huge area for missions in the prisons, something I have considered doing.

    Still praying for safety for your son, James and the group he is with.

    Blessings brother,

  2. That was a lovely note to your father Geoff. Happy Father's Day to you! Love Di ♥

  3. What a great tribute to your dad!!!!

  4. Child of God,
    thanks for your comments, yes I had a fantastic father. That is probably why I don't understand why some people hate their fathers. ? ? ?
    A friend of mine distributes Gideon's Bibles in prisons here, in and around Cape Town. I think she is a bit afraid of the women she has to speak to but her efforts are having an impact. I think it takes a special kind of faith to go into such harsh places and come out filled with joy.
    Thank you so much for your prayers for James and the rest of the group. I'm really concerned for them and wait with bated breath for some news. Your praying for them does encourage me a lot, I have no idea why I'm so anxious.
    Bless you my friend.
    thanks. It is easy to write positive things about such a great person, he was a real father to his family and we all miss him immensely.
    I had a great dad and everything I wrote is the truth. It is so easy to write the truth, it's when we try to make things up that we go wrong.
    God bless all of you and once again, thanks for visiting my humble blog, may God bless and keep all of you in His loving arms as your true Father, Love Geoff.

  5. Your Dad was a mighty man - little in stature, but mighty in spirit. So good to catch up with you on Fathers' Day and remember my Dad, too.

  6. Great tribute to your Father, Geoff, and Happy Father's day to you. I am sure the training and example of your Father is what inspired you to take care of your own two children when they were without their Mother. It does sound as if you did have a great Father. Mine was/is lacking in many aspects and neither I nor my brothers have any fond memories of him. Fathers are very important for boys, equally so for daughters, maybe even more. I will be calling my 91 year old father today to wish him Happy Father's day. Thanks for stopping by my blog--sometimes I have not be able to see other bloggers photos also---must just be some sort of issue with Blogger.

  7. Happy Father's day to you too Geoff. I hope you had a good one.

    God bless you and have a great week :-)


  8. Deb it is so cool to catch up with you again after so long. Uncle Roger, yes of course. You know, our two families had a great time together when we were kids. I think both our dads kind of enjoyed their children in the same way. In fact everyone in our little Lyon's pride had a good childhood. Thank you Grandpa and Granny. We are blessed.

  9. Hey, Joy. I was hoping you would stop by. I'm sorry to hear you have no fond memories of your dad, non that you can think of right now anyway. That is sad but I'm sure that he will happy to hear from you all the same, even if he won't say so and is grumpy. Some men are strange that way, they have been brought up to show no tenderness. I'm sure it's not all his fault.
    There is a thing that happens between a father and his son that is very important and another thing that happens between a daughter and her father that is also very important. They are completely different but both Sons and Daughters are influenced by their fathers for the rest of their lives. I will write a blog about it soon.
    I have been struggling to open your blog for a while now, it was taking forever and then I would get, "This webpage....." But it opened yesterday, so cool. I'm also in a better head space, good. Bless you my friend, we will talk again soon. Love, Geoff.

  10. Ron, Hi. Thanks for the visit, how you do it I don't know. You have so many followers to keep up with. Amazing. Yes I did have a great Father's day, spent most of it catching up on my blog follower's posts. My son is up a mountain and my daughter is in Johannesburg, a little "Me" time.
    You have a great week too my old friend, Geoff.

  11. Hi Geoff, don't know what the deal is with your trouble opening my blog. I don't know if you are clicking on my 'Follower' photo and going that route, or if you have added it to your 'Favorites', and going that route, or, perhaps if you just type it in the address bar. !!! Sometimes Google mis-behaves! Oh, I could write a huge post on how much a father influences a daughter for good or bad--but it would be a tad too personal! I gave Dad a call and he said "thanks for calling". Glad you had a great day!

  12. Joy, Hi. I'm managing to open it now and that is cool. I've tried various ways including going through comments and eventually it worked. Good enough, your's isn't the only blog I've had problems with but I really wanted to get through to your's. Anyway. I know just how much of an influence a father has on his daughter and the life choices she makes, I have three sisters and a daughter too. Also listening to women I know and the things they say that their fathers told them is also enlightening. I think I need to write a blog post about father, mother and child relationships. I'm sure it would be interesting, for me if for no one else.
    I'm sure your dad must have felt a bit teary eyed after hearing from you. I'm glad you called. Yes, I did have a great day. Now I'm coming over to your blog to say Hi there.
    God bless you my friend, love, Geoff.

  13. A beautiful tribute, very heartfelt prayers and a sincere and powerful message of love.