Friday, June 17, 2011

At Peace

There seems to be a miss perception that at the moment I'm having a tough  time. I'm having a whale of a time. When you walk with God there is never a dull moment. To see God working in me, and in everything I have to deal with, is so awesome. My writing may reflect hard times but I have been through much tougher times before and came through them successfully in the end. God loves me! No, I'm not having a tough time, I'm loving it. I'm being taught by God, awesome indeed.
Sifted but satisfied. Sorry for the miss representation, it wasn't intentional.
God bless you my friends and if God is teaching you too, let me know how to put it in such a way that His grace may be exemplified.


  1. Glad you are at peace with the sifting! :) It is always cool to see what God does with a willing spirit.


  2. Child of God, Hi. Thanks for your wonderful comments. Yes it is always so cool when God works with a willing spirit. There is a scripture in the book of Isaiah (1v18-23) Where the Lord says: "Come now let us argue it out,
    says the Lord.
    Though your sins are scarlet,
    they may become white as snow;
    though they are dyed crimson,
    they may yet be like wool.
    Obey with a will,
    and you shall eat the best that the earth yields;
    but, if you refuse and rebel,
    locust-beans shall be your only food.
    The Lord himself has spoken.
    Jesus obeyed with a will and look what happened.
    A willing spirit indeed. Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes.
    God loves a willing helper in exactly the same way we do. Right now I feel like shouting out about the amazingness of God and His love.
    Blessings my friend, Geoff.

  3. Whew! Okay, thanks for the clarification! You are on an adventure, not the road to disaster. Geoff is doing well--great!

  4. I suspected as much and admire you for your strength and faithfulness. Things could always get worse, but it doesn't help to get down and give up. Keep looking upward. There's a heavenly hand reaching your way and He's there to guide and comfort you.

    Tossing It Out

  5. It's so good to see that you're seeing the positive side to the troubles you've experienced.

    God bless you!

  6. Isn't that what makes life so interesting? What God has planned for us each day and our reactions to it. Do we embrace and learn from the day or sulk and complain how awful a particular day can be?
    It's all in how you look at it. I like the challenge, it sounds as though you do too.
    May God bless your day today!!
    Love Di ♥

  7. Diana really had a good point here--actually, all the others did too. Yes, will we sulk and complain, or learn from what God is placing before us? Will we see things with our 'spiritual eyes' or not? I enjoy the wisdom others bring to this blog with their comments.

  8. There isn't much I can add to all your comments but to say that I'm touched by your concern. Thank you.
    we are far apart but, in the same way you care about me I care about you. I too welcome the wisdom of my fellow bloggers, as steel sharpens steel so too does one man's wits sharpen another's.
    your writing reflects an ability to paint amazing pictures. I read what you wrote and instantly saw a hand coming from Heaven. You'r descriptive prose is excellent. It is you who deserve admiration, not I. Thanks for your confidence and kind words.
    I'm humbled by the fact that you are pleased. I don't really have any other choice, nor do I want one. There are two sides to every coin and as the Lord says, "Seek good."
    I'm so glad you are back. For a long time now I have taken courage from the things that you have written. Life is extremely interesting. There are times when my heart is filled with so much joy that I'don't know what to do, I want to scream out about how wonderful God is and just what He has done for me. When your heart is filled with love for someone you think about them almost all the time and that love, if it is set on God, is reflected in everything you do. Hopefully my face reflects my love for God so that those who meet me will wonder what I have and will want it too.
    So much for not adding anything to your comments, he he.
    God bless you my friends, and you really are my friends. Lots and lots of love to all of you, Geoff.

  9. Glad that you are @ peace.....many cannot say that. But itsn't it a great feeling to be @ peace during rocky times..... Praise God who is our Peace!!!

  10. I love your positive outlook. What a witness!

    The Write Soil

  11. Optimism and faith are contagious.
    Well said dear friend.