Tuesday, May 10, 2011

You have found favour

My friends call me eccentric. Those who don't like me call me all sorts of things. My family call me Geoffrey. But you know what? I'm just Geoff. Someone on face book wanted to know who I really am, and to tell the truth putting into words who I really am is so difficult that I must admit that it is beyond my ability. Let me put it this way: an iceberg only has about 10% above water that can be seen but under water lies a great  body of unseen and incomprehensible substance. I suppose I'm like an iceberg, What I am capable of presenting to you for appraisal is not what I truly am. Out of sight and unseen is what lies within the spiritual realm, hope, love, hurt, uncertainty and above all longing to be accepted and loved. We are all made in such a way that our deepest longing is, in truth, only fillable by the acceptance and love of God himself. So Diana, am I lonely? Yes. Do I long to be accepted? Yes. Am I insecure? Yes, of course, and so on and so on. Deep within me lies a knowledge of who I am that goes beyond words but God knows. He has seen everything I have ever done, He has listened to every prayed I have ever offered up, and He knows me  better than even I do, even those aspects of myself that I hide from myself.
In the book of Exodus chapter 33 verse 17 the Lord says to Moses "You have found favour with me and I know you by name." and in the book of Daniel the lord tells Daniel " you are a man greatly beloved."
These are words I long to hear. How would you feel if God himself said that to you?
May my God let all who read this post know in their hearts that God has accepted them as his children and that just as you accept your children as they are, without reservation, so too may you hear form God that you too are accepted.
God bless you my blogging friends, Geoff.


  1. Be assured that anyone who sincerely wants to be pleasing to our Heavenly Father, without harboring any delusions of proving themselves worthy, is. May He make that abundantly clear to you much sooner than later.

  2. Hallelujah brother !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for such a blessed post
    I needed this today.
    God bless you and your family.
    AMEN !!!!!!!!!!!
    Psalm 100 for you here from Norway

  3. You know what, Geoff? I think the #1 reason people enjoy you and your writing is that you are so honest. Honest about yourself and your life. I know I appreciate your transparency--and humor! Have a great day!