Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mini Spares and Donkies

Getting old is exhausting but I suppose it beats the alternative, dieing young. I spent this afternoon playing with Wynand's children. They have gotten it into their heads that Geoff is either a donkey or a bull. What happens is, I have to go down on my hands and knees with one of the girls on my back. I then have to chase the other all over the garden with lots of screaming and laughter. Then they change places and the fun starts all over again. Anyway after an hour or two I finally got to that point where I had to stop and catch my breath, which they were quite content to have happen as long as we could start again later. Fortunately I was able to avoid round two by making dinner, vegetable soup with freshly baked bread straight from the oven. I'm definitely getting too old for this.
This morning I spent looking for parts for my Mini and after what seemed like hours of searching suppliers from all over the world had to concede defeat. I've been trying to repair the instrumentation but there is a printed circuit attached to the back of the gauges that is no longer available.
A friend of mine here in Melkbos works with electronics and printed circuits all the time, he has offered to have a new one made for me. I begin to wonder how many bits and pieces I'm going to have specially made for me before I can get the car going properly. It will be so nice to have my own car, even if it is over 30 years old. Thank you lord for my friends and for the car you've given me to restore. A Mini, by the way, is a very small car and driving one is very much like driving a Go-cart. Hectic! I suppose that is why they made such good racing cars. Old is good, Simpler and less flashy. I like simple.

It's late now and I've just arrived back from Wynand's place. I will probably spend a few hours catching up on all your blog posts and answering those who have left comments on my blog, before going to bed. Yep I'm tired!
I'm sorry if this post doesn't seem all that interesting but the truth is I work a full week and then try to get as much done on the weekends as possible, mostly that means spending time with friends while trying to keep my home in order at the same time. Anyway, God bless you my friends and hopefully I will be able to write something a little more interesting during the coming week.


  1. Geoff, that car is the cutest thing in the world! But maybe you would rather a different image than, 'cute'. The car my husband drives is 23 years old, and he has had the same problem with parts--nobody carries them. He's has had to make some of his own parts also! We just keep trying to keep the car going as it's much cheaper than a new car with payments. We hate payments. He has found some parts on the Internet-- I hope you are successful with your search. I agree about the getting old! Gosh, I move so slow now, guess I'll be crawling around by the time I'm 80! In the morning I always think I can conquer the world, but after a few hours doing yard work...whew! The back aches, the knees ache, arms ache... Well, I'd better stop complaing. I am sure the children enjoy you so much. It is nice of you to entertain them.

  2. Joy, I gave up on image long ago. I think if it was one of the new Minis I might be more concerned but wheels are wheels and since there is a very large international Mini club I'm sure I'll be OK.
    New cars are so expensive and all that happens is you become slave to the banks. I hate slavery too. This car is paid for and restoring it can happen in my own time and when I can afford it, much better.
    God bless you this coming week my friend. Love to you, Geoff.

  3. Geoff,

    Sounds like the children had a marvelous time with you. You are not as old as you think if you are still able to get around without too many aches and pains after that fun.

    Remember when we could get used parts and repair almost anything? People seem to love to throw everything out now.
    I'm sure the parts you need are out there somewhere, but time and patience to find them.

    Love your Mini Cooper! I have a little Smart42 (in the same color blue) that's dinky as well although a different shape. I really love driving it and love the economical energy gas tank even more.

    May this week bring you blessings and joys everyday.

  4. One Woman's Thoughts, Thanks for coming to my blog again.
    I know that physically I'm still OK but I'm 55 now and fast approaching the time when I probably won't be able to do this anymore, so making hay while the sun shines so to speak.
    Things today are made with a limited life span so that you will have to replace them. How great would it be if cars were built to last forever, with the technology of today it is probably possible but then how many cars would the manufacturers be able to sell?
    I've always wondered about the Smart and what it must be like to drive. They certainly look good, especially if it is a lovely blue., my favorite color.
    God bless you my friend and may your coming week be filled with laughter. Love, Geoff.