Sunday, May 08, 2011

Luke 22 verses 31 to 34 and beyond

"Simon, Simon, take heed: Satan has been given leave to sift all of you like wheat; but for you I have prayed that your faith may not fail; and when you have come to yourself, you must lend strenght to you brothers."
Have you found yourself being sifted? Do you lend strength to your brothers?
We all go through tough times in life but sometimes the people we come in contact with do not lend strength. Be gentle with each other and when someone comes to you in desperate need, do not withhold your compassion. They need it just as much as you do. That unemployed man that has helped you when you needed help needs you. That widow who you thought was so tough is just putting on an act because her friends told her she needed to be tough. Even that bully who gives you such a rough time is just as insecure as you. Jesus's only commandment was "Love one another."
Here is my guarantee, if you do this God himself will look on you with favour and meet all your needs and in the end will grant you eternal life. Have faith in God and have faith in Jesus who came to save you and show you that God loves you.
Do you need compassion? Do you need encouragement too.
Do you have a story about when someone showed you compassion when you thought all was lost and no one loved you? Tell us about it. You are loved by God, now tell someone.


  1. That passage is often overlooked as being written confirmation of a very important truth that our Heavenly Father wants as many as will to know and understand. For it helps to prove that even the devil and his demons are under His full control, and that when He does allow them to torment us, it is for our ultimate good. Tragically, far too many would rather believe that our Heavenly Father needs us to win the war against Satan and his horde of rogue angels, which is surely what pride goeth before destruction is all about.

  2. Geoff, Thanks for visiting my blog. I disagree with ARE a writer. Your blog is your platform and you are sharing Jesus...what better writing is there?!

    The Write Soil

  3. The world would be a completely different place if we were all gentle with each other. It's a world I want to live in though.

  4. I have been sifted like wheat many times in my life. God has always brought the right person, just at the right time to help and encourage me during tough times. God is faithful even when I am not.

  5. Fish Hawk, Hi. One thing about this particular scripture that encourages me is the fact that Jesus tells Peter, and us, that He has prayed for him/us. Now if Jesus prays for us .....!
    God bless you my friend and yes the fight isn't ours. All we need to do is be faithful God and his Son and each other.
    Dawn, Hi. One of my friends told me one day that it is my relationship with God and his word that defines me. What can I say, I must write about Him and His amazing Son Jesus. As far as my writing is concerned, It just makes me happy to be able to put my thoughts on paper/computer screen. God bless you my friend.
    Lynda, Hi. Me too, oh so much. You will some day. Smile you're on God mind.
    Ron, Hello my friend. I read so many comments on your last post but no one seemed to think that Mrs Geezer could have actualy posted for you. You gave me quite a fright. I think she will have to write that it was posted by her. Whew!
    With regards to being sifted, me too and me too.
    God bless you my friend, don't do that again.
    To all of you I would just like to say thanks for sharing. All my love Geoff.

  6. Hmm... I think I'm going through the sifting now, but I'm not finding as harsh as I have before.

    Good thing too, because that makes it easier for me to be there for people who are feeling the burn, so to speak. :-)

  7. There are many times when I was shown compassion, but a couple popped into my mind as I read your words. When I was going through my divorce and having to travel nearly 700 miles to appear in court, my boss asked me if I needed any money--she was offering. And when I stayed at my Aunt and Uncle's house half way to my destination(they are both now deceased), my Uncle took my dirty car (I couldn't wash it because the weather had been too cold)to the car wash and washed it. Then, he also asked me if I needed any money. This was during one of the lowest times in my life, when I was depressed and incredibly lonely, and these people were so kind to me. I shall always remember it with thankfulness, humility, and love in my heart.

  8. God continues to amaze me . . . in my darkest hour he gives what I need most. In my happiest moment he has shown me joy.
    You help to remind me all the glories of God.