Sunday, May 29, 2011

Kilimanjaro Beckons

So I've come to the end of another weekend and it's back to work in the morning. It's cold here today, not like snow cold but, cold enough to stay indoors. I had to go to the hardware store this afternoon to get a couple of  files I will need tomorrow to shape some laminate that I will be applying. I gave James a ring and went around to his flat to give him some money I had promised him to help with the cost of the equipment he has had to buy for his trip.
I'm very excited for him and Coleen but they are getting quite nervous about it. James is worried about being able to deal with sub zero temperatures and Coleen is worried about her ability to cope with her asthma in conditions where oxygen is in short supply. Oh well, may the Lord keep them safe. James is taking thermal clothing and Coleen is taking her asthma pump so hopefully they will be safe. They have a final gear check on Thursday evening.
To give you some idea about the enormity of their undertaking, here are some facts:
They fly out on the tenth of June heading for Tanzania, I don't know exactly where they will be staying on arrival but the next day they head for Mount Meru which is about 80km from Mount Kilimanjaro. This mountain is about 15 000 ft high and will help the hikers acclimatize in preparation for their other climb up Mount Kili with a height of 19000 ft. This climb takes about 6 days and starts off in tropical rain forest and then upwards to cold and ice. They will follow the north rim of the crater, apparently the views of Mount Kilimanjaro and down into the crater are breath taking, lots of photo opportunities. On the first day, in the lower reaches, they will be accompanied by an armed game ranger to protect them from wild life. Hey this is Africa, there are lions and hyenas and other things here that eat people!
When they return to the lower ground they get one day off to relax before heading for Mount Kilimanjaro, a good chance to experience a little of the local culture. Next morning it's off on a long drive from Moshi, the town where they will overnight, to Londorossi gate on the eastern edge of the Shira plateau. Two days hiking through rain forest and then upwards. This is a 70km hike(42miles). I'm so jealous! Apparently not everyone manages to summit, mountain sickness does send a lot of people back down. I think both James and Coleen should be alright. They have spent a lot of time training for this and to tell the truth I'm impressed by their dedication. The whole undertaking will take 12 days of hiking, that's a lot of walking but I'm sure they will come home with stacks of photographs and memories.
May the Lord bless this trip and bring everyone home safely.
James has given me a link to a blog that will be updated daily so I will be able to keep an eye on them, so to speak.


  1. It sounds like an amazing trip. I've always wanted to go to Africa.

  2. I have always been and still am in awe of Africa. A place that is so diverse in geography, culture, climate and history. I have romantized it in my mind.

    May James and Coleen have a safe journey with God watching over them. This trip is a massive expedition and I honor their determination and desires. I look forward to their story. They are blessed with your love and support in their undertaking and will think of the Lord and you as well as all their loved ones in their journey.

  3. Beautiful picture! I'll keep James and Coleen in my prayers as they embark on this massive adventure. Blessings!