Monday, May 23, 2011

Jeremiah 2 verse 1-3

In my last post I mentioned that I would try to write about something a little more interesting during the coming week. Today is Monday so I haven't  really given the week much of a chance, I've been reading your posts and kind of been avoiding writing a post myself, not because I don't want to write but because, ever since Lee's April challenge, I have so many followers to keep in contact with, that I'm struggling with the amount of time I have available to write. The more followers, the less time to write, if that makes sense? Anyway, I do love reading all your posts and knowing what is going on in your lives. That is the thing that I enjoy most about blogging, the very personal and honest relationships that develop with people all over this amazing world God has given us to enjoy. Lloyd wrote about love, Grace wrote about the colour of God, Michael wrote about assurance of salvation, Burbette wrote about co-existence and so on and so on. Well the thing is I need to write a post too. But in reading all your incredible posts I got to thinking about what I had written in the past and decided to reread some of my old posts to see how my writing compares with yours. And the tears just started flowing and flowing.
I reread "Her name was Nora" and it got me thinking about that time in my life and how things have changed. At that time I was SO unemployed, I was being mocked and laughed at by the very people I loved the most. I remember just how difficult life was, unloved, rejected, starving and so wanting to be accepted and loved. It was a very low point in my life, to say the least. When I think about it, it is no surprise I felt that God hated me and had finally rejected me. I was kicked between the legs, I was punched in the face, cursed, thrown on the ground, chased away, called "Jesus Christ", which is actually a compliment but it wasn't intended that way at the time, told I was a horrible old man and lived a morbid little life. I was the preacher that no one wanted anything to do with. All they wanted to do was go on with their orgies and their male strippers and their drunkenness and as far as they were concerned I was 100% not welcome.
Things have SO changed. Now I'm employed, at least until August, no one is cursing me or attacking me, and the amazing thing is, I'm now considered a very wise man by the very people who did all those terrible things to me. Amazing!
Now I'm going to tell you something that will bring a tear to your eye. You my blogger friends accepted me, you did not kick me nor curse me. You did not curse me nor chase me away. You listened and encouraged me in my time of deepest need and to you I owe a dept of gratitude. God has used you to give hope to someone who had already lost all hope, you should be proud of that. Thank you my faithful friends, you outshine all others in my opinion. But most of all I would like to say to my God, "Thank you Lord."
This morning I asked the Lord to give me a scripture to carry me through the day, something I could write about tonight and this is the scripture He gave me:

Jeremiah 2 verse 1-3

The word of the Lord came to me: Go make a proclamation that all Jerusalem shall hear: these are the words of the Lord:
I remember the unfailing devotion of your youth,
the love of your bridal days,
When you followed me in the wilderness,
through a land unsown.
Israel then was holy to the Lord,
the firstfruits of his harvest;
no one who devoured her went unpunished,
evil always overtook them.
This is the very word of the Lord.

So that is what the Lord gave me today and this is his message for me and you. "I love you."

When I was a hungry, you gave me food; when thirsty, you gave me drink; when I was a stranger you took me into your home, when naked you clothed me; when I was ill you came to visit me."

God bless those who accepted me as I am and God bless Jesus who lead them to do that.



  1. Hope you have a blessed week my friend

  2. Much to my chagrin, Jeremiah 20:7-9 is often of great comfort to me. For there are times when I feel like I am being jerked around by our Heavenly Father, and it makes me feel a little better that I am not the only who has felt that way. Alas, misery does indeed love company.