Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tree Sore and Ten

I was looking at a post I published quite some time ago, "A Short prayer for the people of Japan," and was wondering whether anyone still cares. You know, Uranium has a half life of about four and a half BILLION years. In other words, the waste we are producing using nuclear reactors to provide for our rampant technological advancements, is only going to become half as deadly as it is right now, in 447 000 000 000 years.
You will live only 0.000 000 000 00000000000000000000000000000001% of those years. How sad that we will leave a legacy that will destroy our children's enjoyment  of the world we now inhabit for so long.
Do you still care?
Father please look after the people of Japan and please look after the the people of Iran, they have already received warning.


  1. I have not forgotten about them either Geoff and continue to pray for the people of Japan and the other many disasters that have devastated lives as well.
    Our earth is undergoing so much change and violence both natural and manmade. We must aspire to being kinder, more responsible and more helpful. Love and prayer are needed.

    It is almost too difficult to comprehend how long nuclear life can be. A very sad and yet important post today.

  2. One Woman's Thoughts, good morning to you this Wednesday. The longevity of this stuff is almost incomprehensible. Exposure to this radiation that we are playing with is so devastating over such an incredibly long period, and we are enriching it.
    America stores their nuclear waste in containers that are designed to last 600 000 years but that is a mere fraction of the time needed to render this substance safe. And Now Japan has this huge problem at ground level, not buried under a mountain in the desert. Iran, so I'm told has now gone ahead and commissioned their first nuclear power station despite warnings that they face a possible earthquake threat. This is not a wise move, as far as I'm concerned.
    Germany and Iceland, amongst others, have begun using natural sources of energy to keep their countries supplied with power. Maybe the rest of the world should take note of what has happened in Japan and start following more sensible power usage strategies with an eye on the future implications of nuclear power.
    Just one small voice asking, "Why?"
    God bless you my friend, love, Geoff,