Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hang in There

Some times the most unexpected things can happen. Today Bonny, who I wrote about in my post "God is the builder", told me that she had read my blog. I have been having such a problem with the Internet lately, not being able to publish comments and losing connectivity all the time that I've been feeling a little uncertain of myself, as you can imagine. Anyway, her telling me that she had read my blog made me feel that it is in fact worth it after all.    
I have no idea how you feel about people reading what you have written. Do you need feedback? Do you depend on your connectivity? You, who read my posts and leave comments, give me reason to carry on writing.
Here's something that you probably don't know, my children don't read my blog nor do my family. So you my dear friends are all I have as far as writing goes. I've never been published nor do I think I ever will but to be able to write my thoughts down with the knowledge that someone will in fact read what I've written is all I ask for and today someone told me that she read my blog. Thanks Bonny.
Oh, another thing that has been causing me a lot of grief is the fact that I can't get posts written in another language translated into English. Sorry Jan and Esra, I have no idea what you are trying to say. I love you guys and would love to read what you've written but!!!!!!!!!!
God bless you my friends, I do read your posts but this stupid machine.........
Love, Geoff.


  1. I really like when someone reads my blog and makes a comment. I think most of us write because we need to. To express ourselves, to make a point, to help us understand and to connect with other people. It also helps us to see our growth, or our lack of, if we reread it down the road. It's about sharing. We read other posts to help us grow, to see how other people get through life. We look for inspiration, humor, informationa and understanding. Connecting to another human being by words is so valuable(for me at least). No one in my family reads my post. I had mentioned it and they didn't read it and now I'm sure they have forgotten or don't care to. I think if they did read it they might get more insight as to why I am or why I do or don't do. I have learned more about someone by reading their words sometimes than by hours of conversation.
    And yes, Geoff I read your post and look forward to them. I visit as often as I can and have been inspired by your words and actions.

  2. Do Jan and Esra have 'Google Translator'? I have that widget on my blog, and hopefully, it works for someone who stops by my blog but does not understand English. Re: Comments. Originally, I started my blog as I just love to write, share thoughts, my art, photos, etc. However, recieving a comment makes it all worthwhile. Even though I probably wouldn't stop blogging if I never got another comment, (well, maybe I would), it's rewarding for someone to leave a comment--yes, I do enjoy the connectivity. I look at my site meter and see how many people have visited, and it's like 87 or whatever and no comments?? It's like, what gives? How difficult is it to leave a comment? I guess I get kind of worked up about the subject! I've asked my daughter if she reads my posts and she said, "sometimes". My husband reads my posts, and what's kind of funny is that people in my town read my blog, but they won't leave a comment. If they see me, they'll say, "Oh, I enjoy your blog..." and I say, "leave a comment!" Gads! It's like pulling teeth! Ha! I've discovered that I often think hardly anyone reads my blog, and then someone comes up to me at church and says they've read it and I'm surprised! thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog, Geoff. I enjoy seeing what you have written, what you've been up to. I enjoy reading about people in other countries or states in the U.S., it's just a fun way to connect with people and learn about them, and be inspiried. Personally, I love blogging and I love to read other's blogs. That's it! Have a great day.

  3. I get such an emotional boost when someone leaves a comment. With that said, I try to comment as much as I can even if it's just a sentence or two....

  4. What do you mean by saying that you've never been published? What do you think this is? Be assured that this can have just as much impact as a column in a major newspaper/magazine, or even a best-selling book!

    Be assured that I know how you feel. For I already know that what our Heavenly Father is giving me to publish will not be really noticed until after my time in this world comes to an end, but being ignored still gets too me far too often.

  5. Excellent point, FishHawk.

  6. Argh! "Stupid Machine" has done it again. I've just spent a whole stack of time replying to your comments and then lost it all. I was even saying how "Stupid Machine" was behaving itself tonight.
    Oh well here goes again.
    One Woman's Thoughts, hello my faithful friend, it's good to "see" you, you know what I mean. A little while ago someone who had absolutely no respect for me and thought I was this "Deeply deeply religious bigot" read my blog, not just one post but all of them. Her whole attitude towards me changed. I was immensely surprised when she told me she had in fact read it but there you go. She told me it put a more "human" face on me. To me, writing what I'm thinking about offers me the opportunity to say what I'm trying to get across without interruption or distraction. When I'm with people I'm either very talkative on a very superficial level or I keep quiet altogether, unless I know you well that is, then you get the real me. Like you I need to connect to other people, I was isolated for more than 7 years. And like you I love finding out what you have been up to on the other side of the world.
    Keena, how would I know that you had come to visit unless you had left those little notes? Would you go to visit your friend and, finding them out, just leave without letting them know that you had been around. Of course it makes you feel good inside when you find out your friend has been to visit. I consider you my friend and look forward to hearing from you, even if it just a "Hi." You are always welcome here.
    Howzit, FishHawk. So you think your words won't be seen until after your time has run out do you? I noticed. Hmm! Yes I know that others read what I have published, that's what I like about Blogger. I get published even though I'm not perfect. Be assured, you are not being ignored, well not by me anyway.
    Joy, you and I have been blogger friends for a long time now and to tell the truth I love reading what you have written. Yesterday someone stopped me to tell me they had read my blog. To say I was surprised would be an understatement but of course they left no comment. It seems to me that people who are not bloggers feel a little intimidated when it comes to leaving comments. Maybe our writing gives them too much to think about. Who knows? I have found that people who leave comments on my blog regularly eventually build a relationship with me, even if only for a while, we sort of get to know each other. I used to write a lot but only on paper knowing that it would never be read, except for my kids that is, after I've already passed on. Sort of going through my papers kind of thing, you know what I mean. Now that I'm blogging I've changed somehow. There are people in the world that read what I've written and that inspires me a lot.
    Anyway, thanks to all of you for your comments, you've picked me up again. And this much I know, God will bless you and those who read your posts will also be blessed. Lots of love, Geoff.