Thursday, May 05, 2011

God is the builder

In my last post I mentioned that I was going to take some pictures around the site where I'm working and then post them so you can see what on earth I'm talking about. Well in any one's working day there are so many things that happen.

Telkom I hate you! This stupid company has a monopoly on ALL communications in this country and here am I trying to write a simple post and I keep on getting dis-connected. South Africa has the highest communication costs in the world so to the rest of you all I can say is " Be grateful for small mercies." You are so lucky

Any way as I was saying before I got cut off again, yesterday I went to work with every intention of taking pictures for you, ( which I did by the way), when an interesting thing happened. It was about lunch-time and I was looking for Bonny, one of the construction managers, but when I got to the third floor where her office is, the floor had just been screed ed, ( in other words they had just skimmed the concrete sub-base with cement to give it a smooth finish ready for vinyl floor covering ), so I went up the stairs intending to get to her via another route. Well in the process I went first to the fourth floor and saw what I thought was relevant to my blog and so got out my camera and before I knew it I was going from floor to floor looking for photo opportunities, Bonny completely forgotten. I knew that I had mentioned the way they had pre-built the dormitory bathrooms so I was trying to find a way to get a photo of these units that I had found so amazing.
Taken before the walls are built that completes the installation.
 Eventually I arrived on the seventh floor and was trying to take a good picture that would illustrate their ingenuity when I noticed a man sitting against one of the unfinished walls writing ( it was lunch time). Being Geoff and remembering how often I had sat alone and written down my thoughts in the past, I strolled over to him and asked him what he was writing. As many of you will know that when a complete stranger takes an interest in what you are doing all stops fall away, we all love to tell our stories. His name is Andrew and, having become engrossed in conversation I unfortunately did not take his picture, but out came his story.
This is a man whom has leaned on his Lord and has born the consequences, his wife found better pastures and left him with his two children, preferring the fast life with all it's allurements like fast cars and big houses and free sex, she apparently found him boring because he is a Christian. Jesus tells us that we will not find acceptance in this world but because God is faithful to his promises we need not despair. He has just been accepted as a Deacon in his church and was in fact writing his first sermon, which he is to deliver on Sunday, on forgiveness. We talked for a while and to tell the truth I really believe I was sent to him to encourage him.

 Of course I told him about my blog and my post "forgiven" and gave him my name so he could google it and find it but I don't think he has Internet access, I didn't for many years. It is so amazing how God uses us to help each other. Don't be afraid to encourage people with whom you come in contact, they really need it especially from someone who knows God.
I'm going to find Andrew tomorrow, God willing, and tell him that I wrote about our meeting, I'm sure he would enjoy hearing that.
As far as Bonny is concerned, I finally found her and, being the kind of person she is she sorted out the problem I had. Thanks bonny. I'm working on a construction site run by a company called N.M.C. (Neil Muller Construction). This company understands that we all have our burdens to carry and by the looks of things are willing to be understanding and help. God bless N.M.C.
The pictures I still have to re-size so downloading them does not cause yo to go broke.
God bless you all my friends, it's time to feed the animals.
All my love Geoff.


  1. Hi Geoff--thanks for writing a long comment on my post about my finds--even though it wouldn't go through! Ha! I hope it was not something I was doing wrong on my end--some sort of settings. Bummer about your Internet connections and how expensive... you may have to rob a bank to be able to afford to blog... just kidding. This was an interesting post... it is amazing who God sends across our paths. I'm with you on the encouraging points-- an encouraging word(s) may be the only good things that person hears that day--they could be depressed and our words may lift their hearts so that they are able to go on. Life can be very rough, I'm sure you know.

  2. Thank you for visiting my post all the way from South Africa. Yes indeed my Mom is with God and my Dad, in Heaven. It was so nice of you to comment on my post about her. She was a loving Mom.

    Kathy at Oak Lawn Images

  3. Geoff, I am enjoying reading your posts and seeing how God is working in your life and others.

    P.S. I am very thankful for my good internet and phone services!

    The Write Soil