Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Geoff got screwed

Jesus tells us to pick up our crosses and to come with him. Have you ever wondered what he meant by that?
Well today I had all my screws stolen, while I was working with them. I was hanging cupboard doors in the passage and had the box with all the screws on the floor while we were adjusting the doors prior to fitting the hinges, next thing I turned to get the screws and they were gone. I thought I was going crazy, I was sure I had taken them out but they were nowhere to be seen. We searched everywhere, amongst the tools, in the trash bag that we keep handy so we can clean as we go, in the other screw boxes, everywhere. Anyway eventually I went into the bathroom to see if maybe we had put them in there by some chance, the bathroom we had already completed a few weeks ago so there was no reason for us to have put them there but I took a look anyway. There in the vanity unit was the box. I thought to myself "How on earth did these get here?" but when I picked up the box it was empty. I'm talking about 1000 screws. Someone had picked up the box unnoticed and emptied it into their pocket and walked out. Of course this brought my work to a complete standstill, no screws, no work, as simple as that. There really was no point in blowing a fuse, I still would have been screw-less. That was the end of my work for the day, rats!
When I got home I went to my store and got what screws I had and put them next to my bag so that I would not forget them tomorrow.
We all go through trials and sometimes things go wrong causing us to want to throw all our toys out of the cot but the strange thing is that today this didn't happen. I just thought " I've got to get more screws and there is nothing I can do about it."
It is amazing how, in becoming a follower of Jesus,  we react so very differently to the way we would have in earlier times. It seems there is an acceptance of circumstances that are out of our control that makes no sense. Possibly this is what Jesus meant when He said " Pick up your cross." I've often wondered what my cross is. Could it possibly just mean, " Accept your lot in life."?  How do you interpret " Pick up your cross."? I would really love to know.


  1. Thanks for the reminder that life is not always easy. YES, I think Jesus meant accept the life you were given. Its hard for me to accept my life w/o thinking I have failed to have faith that things will be different or that God will intervene on my behalf. I hope that you have all your "screws" for tomorrow.

  2. When I get down the most is when MY expectations are not met. Alas, if I could just keep from falling in that trap so much, the quality of my life in this world would improve dramatically, but I just got to be me. Yeah, it is rather sad.

  3. My cross is not letting other people influence me by negativity, hate, anger, unforgiveness or godlessness. I try to keep my distance from people like that and look for the good, the positive and the forgiving. It reminds me to believe and acknowlwdge faith. God will show us the way, he will not drag us down.
    In a situation like your screws, had the person asked for screws, no doubt I believe that you would have given them screws and given them some of yourself as well. Some help, some advise, some frienship, some shared faith . . . they lost by simply taking.

  4. Something very weird is happening, there were three comments that have vanished from this post?

  5. I've had that happen before... I left a comment about your 'weed-eater on steriods', but I didn't see it. Maybe you just hadn't published it.

  6. Hi, Joy. No it was published but things went haywire with Blogger on Thursday. It wasn't just your comment that was lost there were others too. Sorry about that! Love, Geoff.

  7. Ha! My boomerang comments have come home again. Thanks Blogger.
    Hi, welcome back. Yep it seems to me that the life you were given and the person you are is what you have to deal with even if it drives you nuts. Failure only happens to those who try. If you never try you never can fail.
    Why are you sad? I think you're kinda cool.
    One Womans Thoughts.
    Those are the very people Jesus came to save. You know, sometimes when people treat us with scorn it hurts and leaves us feeling unwelcome but you know what? They don't know how to deal with us. Mostly I think we make them uncomfortable or something, it's really quite amazing. Yes of course I would have done all you have said without any problem. As you said "They missed out."
    I'm so glad your comments came back. It's kind of unpleasant to lose bits like that, especially from people you really value. God bless all of you and God bless Blogger.Lots of love, Geoff.