Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spiders and Long Walks

Canal Walk

This evening on my way home from work I got a call from James, my son. "Hi dad I'm going to Canal Walk to get the last of the things I need to take with me to Mount Kilimanjaro. Would you like to join me there?" "OK, I will have to make a u-turn but I'll meet you there." So I drove a few killo meters further and found an off ramp and headed back to the mall. Of course, being a man, I hate shopping malls, especially where you have to pay for parking so that you can support them. I don't go shopping for fun, actually it's a pain. I arrived ahead of him and, because this is not one of my usual haunts, had no idea were the particular shop was that he wanted to go to, Cape Union Mart. So I waited and once he arrived he came to find me and lead the way, so to speak. He had a friend with him by the name of Pieter.
Big store
As we walked to the shop, which was on the outside of the mall, James and I first caught up on what was going on in our live, as father and son usually do. I then asked Pieter about who he is and what he was doing in his life etc. He's studying Psychology, trauma psychology. Anyway he seems like a very likeable young man, despite the tendency to over analyse things a bit. Obviously we talked about more than just what he does for a living or, in his case, is going to do. Anyway on the way across the parking lot, one of the things they mentioned was that the particular shop we were going to had  Tarantulas. I was intrigued, as can be imagined. We don't have tarantulas in this country, only Baboon spiders. I told them about an incident where Wynand and I had driven over one that ran across the road once, flattened it unfortunately, and continued across the lot. Now by South African standards, this is a big shop.
James the shopper
Once we got inside, James focussed on what he required and Pieter and I sort of stood around like spare parts, neither of us were here to actually buy anything. I kind of lost interest after a short while and wanted to know where the Tarantulas were. I'd never seen one before and as can be imagined was rather curious to see one.
Well we headed upstairs to where they were and while James got on with his shopping I headed for the glass Tarantula display. They have a whole lot of them from different countries, all in individual glass boxes with plaques describing them and their habits, very interesting. Now please understand, I knew I would probably write a post about my evening but didn't think to take pictures of the display as a whole, Not too bright, I know. Anyway, I strolled over to them and started taking a look see, man, these are beautiful creatures. After a while I realized I should take some pictures and, since I carry my camera with me almost all the time, I got to it. Taking photographs through a glass case is not always that successful though  but I took some anyway, so here are a few pictures to intrigue you or freak you out.
Brazilian White Kneed Tarantula

I started chatting to some chap, I forget his name, about spiders and various things such as raptors and food supplies for them, he was there to attend a lecture on bird watching, nice guy. After a while though, I went back down to rejoin James and Pieter and waited while decisions were made regarding fleece lining of jackets and thermal underwear, gloves and water bottles, this is a serious undertaking taking taking into account the conditions he will encounter on Africa's highest mountain, he leaves Cape Town in 14 days time. I'm very proud of him and to tell the truth, wish I was going too.
Baboon Spider

James eventually got through with his purchases, paid for them and we left to get a cup of coffee at the "Mug and Bean", one of the many coffee shops inside the mall itself. Pieter apparently knows someone who works at the mall and was able to get our parking tickets taken care of. While he was doing that we organized coffee, well I had coffee, they both had milk shakes. All in all, I had a very interesting evening, the fact that I came home to write a Blog about it says a whole lot about Geoff. I really need a woman in my life with whom to share this kind of thing.


  1. Tarantulas are almost common pets for little boys here in the States. They freak me out, even though I've seen them dozens of times. Mostly I see the brown ones, but never the colored kind. Can you imagine if they escaped their cages?


  2. Hey Sara, Thanks for the visit. Can you imagine? Just thinking about it makes me want to laugh, Mayhem! Geoff.

  3. Laughing about you needing a woman to tell these sorts of things to...(I don't mean I'm laughing at you) that is how it is, though, isn't it? Each spouse fills each other in on their daily happenings. Do you talk to yourself, Geoff? I do, and I love it--truly! And I always win the argument! ;D Thanks for sharing about your evening. I'm also impressed that your son will be climbing Mt.K. So, you are an adventurer at heart? Spiders and snakes creep me out. I don't like the mall either--used to love going to malls back when, but I changed and times changed. The way I look at it, shopping malls are full of things I don't need. Have a great day!

  4. Spiders, coffee and shopping, now that's quite a combination! The only thing I like out of those 3 is the coffee :-)

  5. My brother used to keep a tarantula in his bedroom and a boa constrictor in the garage. But I wasn't allowed to have a puppy. LOL. Go figure! Yes, they are interesting creatures (creepy too in my opinion, I am terrified of spiders and snakes).

    How wonderful that your son called you spur of the moment like that. And how awesome that you were able to go and made the Uturn. Moments like that are so important. And it is nice to meet everyone's friends too. I am fascinated by your son's upcoming trip.

    Oh, how often I have said "why didn't I bring my camera?". Again, you inspire me . . . this time to pack my camera next time.
    Have a wonderful and blessed day.

  6. Hello Geoff, Its always nice to have a partner to share with. My son is 42 and a couple of months ago met a lady through FB. They talk via Skype which is free and they can see one another. She is in America and he here....but that will sort itself out. I pray you meet a like minded, evenly yoken LADY...
    Lovely to spend time with James and Pieter..Blessings Crystal Hugs.

  7. Joy, hi.
    The funny thing for me is, I came home and told all of you about my evening. I think it may just be possible that if I did have someone in my life here to share with, I would never have started blogging in the first place.
    No I don't really talk to myself, I talk to God and never win the argument.
    Adventurer? I'm not sure I would call myself one, I just like going to unusual places and when the opportunity presents itself to go somewhere new, I usually take it. That is one of the things that I really like about the film industry, you go to places most other people could never go. Mount Killi, I would love to go with.
    Strangely enough I find snakes easier to handle than spiders, I suppose it comes from lack of experience, I've caught stacks of snakes but, to date, have never handled a really big spider. Spiders are so quick and handling them takes gentleness and care. They are easily damaged, snakes on the other hand can be handled with a lot more firmness.
    I can buy what I need right here in Melkbos, no fuss no crowds and no need to wander around for hours with a sore back looking at all the new toys everyone is trying to sell.
    On the whole though, I had a very pleasant evening with James, Pieter and all of you. Thanks.

  8. Great post Geoff. I really enjoy the long walks, but I am a little bit timid around spiders and especially big ones. God bless, Lloyd

  9. Hello Ron.
    If it weren't for the coffee the mall would, in my opinion, have nothing to offer at all. Spiders I like but I have been bitten too often to want to handle them. I suppose that those who keep them as pets do get some pleasure from keeping them though. God bless you my friend and thanks for the visit.
    One Woman's thoughts.
    Nice to hear from you, as always. A puppy, go figure. I get a lot of pleasure from spending time with my children and take opportunities to do so whenever they arise. They live their own lives now, you know what I mean. I will spend an evening with James and Coleen, the other member of their party that I know, before they leave. Yes I'm excited too. Hopefully I will be at the airport to see the whole Cape Town contingent off.
    My camera is small and compact so I carry it in a pouch on my belt. There are certain things that I find essential to my daily life and I carry them everywhere, My keys, glasses, wallet and camera. Of course there are things that go into my bag if I'm going to work, my Bible, invoice book and a pen but the others I carry on my person. It's a man thing, no hand bag. LOL.
    My blessings to both of you. Love, Geoff.

  10. real and fun one.
    love the smell of coffee.

  11. Crystal Mary, Hi.
    I've been celibate for more than ten years now and have become very used to being alone. I know it sounds boring spending so long without anyone to share with but hey,life goes on all the same. My blessings go to your son and his lady, may the Lord make a way for both of them. Long distance relationships, hmm, what can I say? Of course my blessings and love go out to you too. You know that, don't you?
    Lloyd my faithful friend, hi.
    Yep! I think that if you and I ever met we would go for a long walk together and have a most interesting talk. Spiders? I wouldn't say I'm timid around them, just careful, I don't want to damage them but I don't necessarily want them around me or my animals either. Go be wild!

    May my God bless both of you.

    Thank you to everyone who commented on this post, it's amazing how much I enjoy hearing from all of you.
    Lots of love to everyone, Geoff.

  12. Bluebell Books, Thanks and yes. For me, one of the nicest smells comes when you open a fresh packet of coffee, hmm, delicious. Thanks for the visit and may my God bless you today. Geoff.

  13. I looked in on your blog because you mentioned a cold and damp Capetown in your comment email. We used to live in Somerset West at one time so I was interested to read your accounts. Thanks for visiting me.

  14. Hey Brenda, yes I know. I've been following your blog for quite some time now and although I don't always leave a comment, I do enjoy your poems. God bless, Geoff.