Monday, May 30, 2011

Big God, Big Universe.

Who has gauged the waters in the palm of his hand, or who has set limits to the heavens?
Isaiah 40 verse 12

Woke up this morning thinking about how it is impossible for a virus or bacterium within your body, to comprehend the enormity and complexity of you. Can it see what you see? Can it smell what you smell? Does it feel the same emotions you do? This got me thinking how impossible it is for us to comprehend the enormity of God. Jesus tells us we are part of him and he is part of God, "I am in the father and He is in me, you too are in me and I am in you." If, when we are looking at the universe, we are in fact looking at the very being of God from the same viewpoint as a bacterium looking at us, how can we possibly comprehend just how enormous and complex He is from such a restricted viewpoint? Can we possibly understand His relationship with others? Can we see what He sees? Are His days also only 24 hours long?


  1. Awhile back, Geoff, I realized that I (silly me) had placed God in a box--- if I thought something was impossible for me to do-- or appeared as if it could not possibly be done, then I thought God couldn't do it either. I know, very small thinking. We serve a HUGE God. I'm not sure that while here on earth, we will ever be able to understand how truly spectacular God is. We (I) keep selling Him short. Note to self: must stop that.

  2. Hello Joy. You have no idea how glad I am that you are still reading my posts. This morning when I got up I popped into my blog just for a quick look before going to work, I noticed I had lost a follower and started going through my list and your name wasn't there, I looked into the list of blogs I'm following and your name wasn't there either. I thought I had offended you somehow. I've been bummed out all day thinking about it. Thanks for coming back, I really do appreciate your comments and love reading about your life.
    God is AWESOME in the extreme! I'm not sure I was able to convey just how I saw things this morning but decided I had to at least try.
    I will try to put into words all the thoughts that were going through my mind in my next post. I have to think about it a bit because I believe it is important.
    God bless you my friend, lots of love, Geoff.

  3. Hi Geoff:

    You have a very interest observation of who you are in relation to the universe from a Biblical understanding as well as in science. It is very interesting.


  4. Yes, it is naturally impossible for us to fathom the awesomeness of our Heavenly Father, but He is anxious to reveal many great and wonderful unto all who will but want to know and understand. Tragically, they are so very few. For most are perfectly content with the basics, and they see no need to thirst for anymore.

  5. Thank you for your post Geoff
    Always a blessing to read your blog

    I wish you and your family all the best
    from our mighty God

    Psalm 128 verse 5
    to you here from Norway


  6. Hey Geoff Dude, I'm still here! Don't know why my photo disappeared from your Followers. I'll join up again. Have a great day. As always, your posts are thoughtful and intelligent--they are always 'food for thought'.

  7. Ahhh yes, this makes me think!!!(yes I am a blond but still try) LOL
    We have no idea, and can never comprehend..the enormity of God. Whew, I can never try to work it out, it is all beyond me. Blessings mate.

  8. We can only understand what God has seen fit to reveal to us and sadly many refuse to even believe that :-(

  9. Geoff, I am so blessed to havemet you first here on earth so that when we are in heaven we will already know each other. Yourwords of encouragement mean so much to me and I feel empowered knowing that you are praying and say blessings over me. I love the way you write with such openess and a true understanding of just how limited we are by this flesh suit which we are temporarily limited by. I thank you for this wonderful insight and for sharing some of your gifts you have received. I pray God will continue to reveal the many gifts I am sure He has hand selected for you...your friend and sister in Christ.... Patricia

  10. Hello Geoff, I had been away from the blog world, and so in a way, I apologise for not visiting you and my other blog buddies. How are you Geoff? And I ponder a lot too about God, but mostly about his Power, His Creation, especially when I am on the water looking at the stars, the moon, the vastness of the sea, sunrise, sunset.

    God, to me, is one and only, eternal and absolute, He begetteth not, nor is He begotten, and there is none like unto Him.

  11. What happended to your post you wrote after this one about God's love? I was going to re-read it and comment.

  12. Your link to the blog about James' up coming trip does not work... am I doing something wrong? Tried it several ways...

  13. Hi Joy. I removed it while I tried to find some pictures of my children when they were very young. I was going to add them to the post but could not find any. I will ask my sister whether she has any. I also felt that it was too long and a bit too personal but it is the truth. I've re posted it. I've felt a bit off lately and haven't been writing much, comments or posts although I have been reading everyone else's posts. I read your's about the farm but didn't leave a comment. Sorry. I need to answer all those who have commented here too. I will, in time. God bless you my friend, and thanks for the reprimand, I need it. Geoff.
    Oh before I forget, copy the link and post it to your browser window. that works. I need to work out how to publish a link in one of the Widgets.

  14. Hi Geoff, I'm stopping by after a long break :) I love the way you compared the idea. Great post! Thank you for sharing! :)

  15. kind of you to encourage me, the God of the Universe is certainly in the daily details and his community building speaks life where we might not expect it. I look forward to reading more of your tank-filling thoughts. good words are good medicine.