Sunday, May 15, 2011

At last, published.

In my last post I was trying to tell everyone about what happened on Thursday. Things didn't go too well as far as telling my story was concerned but I had had a good day in spite of everything going wrong. The bike broke down and I was unable to get to work and because I was unable to leave the bike on the side of the road, I had to wait for hours before I could eventually get back home. It turned out to be a good day though because I managed to spend time with the Lord without distractions. I had my Bible with me so of course the first thing I did after phoning one of my friends to ask him to come collect me was to open it and see what the Lord wanted to tell me and this is what happened.
On Wednesday evening at home cell we had been discussing the book of Colossians chapter one. Now we had decided to all read through this particular book with the intention of each giving our interpretation next week. So while I was sitting next to the road I read through it thinking maybe I could start immediately getting to know what the Lord had to say through Paul in this particular letter. I came across this statement in chapter one verse 16. The latter part of this verse says " The whole universe has been created through him and for him." Now when I read this verse, which I had done many times in the past, the Lord spoke right into my heart and through his spirit caused me to see it this way; God created the whole universe for His son and while He was creating it He had His son in mind just as you would if you were going to build a tree house for your son who was yet to be born. Of course this also applies to girls but in their case you would probably be building a Wendy house or doll's house but because we are talking about Jesus we will use tree house for this interpretation.
Now when your son was born you gave him the tree house as his own to play in with his friends and anyone who your son considered a friend was welcome, the more the merrier. There were other kids that came to see the tree house but they became jealous and started mocking him and fighting with his friends, in other words they didn't play nice. Now what would you do if your son and his friends were being beat on by these other unfriendly kids? It's his tree house and his friends and it's in your garden and you built it for your son to enjoy and not for these unpleasant, obnoxious children. He decides who can play in it and anyone he accepts is acceptable to you, not so?
God created the universe for His son, Jesus, and anyone who Jesus accepts as a friend is welcome to play in it and enjoy all that it has to offer. Those who mock and fight and just cause trouble can go play in their own tree house, they are not welcome here, but if later they decide to play nice and befriend Jesus and His friends they will be welcomed with open arms.
The whole book of Colossians is devoted to telling us to "Play nice" and what that means.
I think I have managed to tell the gist of what I understand about what Paul was saying. It has taken days to get this into a blog post. Not because my Internet was down but because blogger went haywire. This is the third time I've written this out and hopefully this time I will be able to publish it.

While I was thinking about what I had learned I strolled along the side of the road just thinking. Anyone who knows me will understand that I like taking pictures and so will not be surprised to hear that I had my camera with me. One of the things that I take delight in photographing is mushrooms. I find them so delicate and really   beautiful. Another thing that I like about taking photos of them is they stand still, in other words they make easy subjects. Well I came across this beauty and of course out came the camera and down went Geoff on his knees in the dirt. I wonder what motorists must have thought seeing me there crouched by the side of the road. Very funny!
I did look for more but all I could find were these little ones which were still trying to rear their little heads above the soil.
Well I did eventually get help and was towed home and finally arrived back at the farm at about four in the afternoon. In retrospect I have come to see Thursday as a day when the Lord really wanted to have some time with me, I've been so busy lately that I haven't been spending a lot of time with Him the way I used to. Thank you lord for a delightful day. And thank you Lord for allowing me to play in your tree house. I love you Lord. Geoff.


  1. Play nice. I like that! Beautiful pics, btw!

  2. There were hidden blessings in the Blogger shutdown...especially since Twitter was acting up about the same time. I shut off my computer and spent some time just thinking, resting, and paying attention to what was going on around me. It was lovely.

    I like your story about meeting up with your troubled friend. Paying attention sure helps.

  3. The Words crafter.
    Patricia Stoltey.
    I went to bed. After hours of lost writing. This happened at about 11.30pm here so the logical thing to do was shut down not only the computer and get some sleep.
    Thanks for your comments to both of you and may my God bless you and your families. Geoff.