Sunday, May 15, 2011

Answered Prayer

I was walking back to the farm this morning and talking to the Lord about some one I know is having a really hard time. I was saying "Lord, please give this person peace today and let them know that you love them, if you offer me a chance to tell them that I would love to speak to them." Well while I was approaching the entrance to the farm, who should drive into the filling station at the entrance but the very person I had been praying about. I was going to the shop that is attached to the filling station anyway, to buy milk.  I walked up to their car and started talking to them about how life was going for them and in the process told them how God loves them and that to Him they are very special. I'm glad I did and know, without doubt, that they drove away with a new sense of peace. You see Jesus is my friend and he listens to my prayers because I'm His friend too.
Sometimes we talk to the Lord about things and before we know it He brings it about. I have learned to expect a reaction to my prayers immediately and not to be surprised when things happen within a very short space of time. So many times in the past I have missed what God was doing because I wasn't expecting a reply so soon.
True faith is speaking to the Lord and knowing He is listening. It is expecting a reply from Him now and reacting when opportunity presents itself.
Hear me now, God is listening and will answer your prayers. No question about it. God is real and if you ask anything of Him in the name of Jesus, He will do it.
There is one thing that I know and that is that God wants you to know that you can trust Him always. Why would He want anything otherwise? God wants to build up your faith, not pull it down and the way He does it is by answering your prayers so you can see with your own eyes that He is trustworthy.
While I was writing this post I thought I should include the chapter and verse that I'm referring to, so I opened my bible and guess where it opened. You got it, John 14 verses 13 & 14. "Indeed anything you ask in my name I will do, so that the Father may be glorified in the son. If you ask anything in my name I will do it." See what I mean?
Do you ask the lord anything? Do you expect an answer? Do you believe He will do it?
God bless my blogging friends, this I ask in the name of Jesus.


  1. Yes, I do believe that Go answers all prayers. Yet, I still get frustrated when He answers "NO". Now, I know that He is in control and that sometimes it is in my best interest for Him to say "NO". However, sometimes I am like a little child that whats every thing my way. I am learning to trust Him even more during these times of NO and WAIT. I thank God that He does not give me everything I want, when I want it or how else would may faith and trust in Him grow. I pray that you are having a blessed day!!!!

    your friend,

  2. Hello Geoff! Yes, I do pray and ask in the name of Jesus; sometimes the answer is 'yes', sometimes 'no' and sometimes 'wait'. When it's 'yes' and answered immediately (or quickly), that is so exciting! When He says 'no', or 'wait', then I know I need to trust that God knows the perfect will for my life and knows what is best for me.

  3. Hello Keena and Joy. For many years I too was only interested in having everything go my way, just like a child but to tell the truth there comes a moment in one's life when you grow up. It sort of happens all of a sudden. This happened to me about three years ago but not knowing what was happening I still hung onto my childish ways. Over the past three years or so my knowledge of God has gone beyond belief and has become knowledge. I know Him and He knows me. I have come to know myself now and have come to the conclusion that I don't know what is best for me or for anyone else for that matter but this is where trust in Him begins. My prayers get answered and because they do I now pray about things in such a way that when they do get answered I know I will be able to handle them. I'm now much more careful about what I pray about. I no longer plead and make promises the way I used to. Now I speak to Him as a friend and what happens happens but If I say for example "Give me an opportunity to do such and such and I will do it" then when the opportunity does arise I make sure I do what I said I would do. The Lord likes us to be trustworthy.
    God bless you my friends and thanks for your honest comments. Love, Geoff. Read Deuteronomy 23 verse 23.

  4. Hi Geoff, I would do better to remember that I don't know what is best for everyone else!

  5. Sometimes, I need the reminder. Thanks very much for this!

  6. I believe that God answers all prayers from His children. It may not be in our timing or what we really want to hear, but God knows what is good for us. Great post. God bless, Lloyd

  7. Joy my friend,
    don't beat yourself up. You only speak out because you love.
    The words Crafter,
    we all do and you're welcome.
    Ah Lloyd,
    you my friend have been faithful not only to the Lord but to me too and that has humbled me. God is indeed listening and to tell the truth I think He must shake his head when He hears some of the things we pray about. I also think He has a sense of humor and lets us deal with what we have prayed about just to see what we will do.
    God bless you my friends, Geoff.