Sunday, April 03, 2011


Have you ever noticed how in the Bible there are no references to domestic cats, only dogs. The only cats referred to are Lions and Leopards. David killed lions with his bare hands so did Samson ( I can assure that this is a feat of no mean accomplishment Lions are huge and eat people in very large bites.) The reference to Leopards I'm thinking of is where the Lord asks if a Leopard can change it's spots in the book of Jeremiah.
My cats or should I say the three cats that own me do not eat people, even in very small bites. They do however  eat mice, of which there is a never ending supply on the farm where I stay, and of course birds are on the menu.
Strangely enough they are afraid of the chickens and geese, ducks too. If I'm late feeding them they have this annoying habit of bringing mice or birds into the house and then letting them go so they can play with them. Now this results in one of two things. 1) They either escape and if they are a mouse that means running under the washing machine and resulting in Dad having to move the whole lot, fridge,washing machine and stove to get them out before they start nesting and if they are a bird that means there is overwhelming panic in the house with everyone, including all the cats, trying to get to the bird before it bashes itself to death on the window. Or 2) They don't escape and Dad has this mess to clean up, sometimes feathers and sometimes little pieces of mouse.
I do however love my cats very much and have come to know each one individually. They all have their own special time for "Lovies" with dad and are very insistent on getting that time.
God also needs time with us and He too is very insistent on getting out attention, or am I the exception?
God bless all the cat owners of the world.


  1. You have kitties!!! I wrote a devotional with cats as the main theme :)

  2. I love your take on the A to Z Challenge! I'm learning a lot as I browse the blogs!! I found you with the 'surprise me' button. I'm a new follower.
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  3. I love your cats! They are very cute :)

  4. Great C word. I have cats to and they love to get attention. I also think pets teach us about God by seeing us as God sees us and by teaching us unconditional love when we have to clean up their messes.

  5. What a precious kitty...years ago the kitty I had "Lady Smith" would catch mice but kill them and leave them as a gift to me on the front walk. This would totally upset the ladies of my church who on occasion would come to visit and find a dead mouse waiting for them!

  6. My cats don't mess with the chickens, but one of my dogs plays with one particular hen. In fact, I blogged about them yesterday for B.

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  7. Hello Geoff, I am sorry but I could not read this post because I am scared of cats. I am on the edge even writing this and being here. I know it is the weirdest thing because everybody loves cats. And that is also one reason why I am scared of them.

    Happy Monday and hope you'll have a good week ahead.

  8. Cats are definitely an interesting breed, each of them with their own little personalities. And I can't help but think that the exclusion of cats from the Bible may be more than a coincidence.

  9. When I had chickens the local cats never bothered them, must be a general thing !