Sunday, April 03, 2011


This challenge is turning out to be more difficult than expected, not because I can't write but because I've lost my access to the Internet. I'm now working during the day on a building site and since this seems like a good title for a post beginning with "B" I suppose I should tell you about what God says about building. Of course I'm going to talk from my own perspective so please forgive me in advance for the rather bizarre way of looking at things.
No photos at this stage of the building itself but that can be amended in the near future.
Now the one thing that came to me on this building site was how the building seemed to be growing out of the ground, yes I know that the materials were trucked in and then used to actually erect the building but it certainly seems to look like it's growing out of the ground.
The only thing that I can think of of significance where God tells anyone anything about building anything is with respect to his temple. He firstly tells David that he isn't going to build a temple even though David really wanted to and had already amassed all the materials but lets him know that his son is in fact going to do what he was forbidden to do. So king Solomon landed up building a temple or house for God. There is another place in later years when the Israelites return from exile in Babylon and they had to rebuild the temple and were instructed to do so. Of course there was the Ark that Noah built and I'm sure there are a few that I missed but this post is late and I'm having to hurry because I have still to write a post beginning with "C" and then "D".  So please feel free to leave a comment with anything I left out and I'll try to include it a bit lated.
What this building made me think of 0while I was looking at it from the inside was Ant Hills and the way they grow out of the ground. "Go to the ant you sluggard" and "Though they have no leader they sally forth." I suppose our cities are very much like Ant Hills, a little spread out but at the centre they certainly reach for the sky just like an Ant Hill.
I think I'm going to have to add a few photographs to illustrate my point but as I look at this building and the way it is being completed from the first floor upwards I see it very much like an ant hill. The first floor is almost complete but on the second floor I cannot install my wall bands for shelving because the walls have not yet been painted. On the third floor however I can't even drill the holes for the fixing yet because the walls are not even plastered and so on and so on upwards.
So What I'm getting at is that to God we must seem very much like ants and our buildings just like ant hills. So next time you want to step on that insignificant little ant................................!
God bless you all. Geoff

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