Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Blogging from home

Some times things just go wrong and we have to keep on trying until they go right again. Well it's been one of those times for me lately with regards my Internet connection. Every time I tried to connect to the net my computer just sucked my airtime bundle dry in about 20 seconds, I couldn't even read my mail. Hopefully I've managed to sort it out now and I will be able to write again and hopefully I will be able to read what all my friends have written without going bankrupt.
I've missed all of you so much and been so frustrated lately, sorry Lee, I was so excited about taking part in your April challenge that I feel as if I really let you down, I'm truly sorry. What I will try to do is catch up on all the letters of the alphabet I was not able to complete but this will take a little time. There are also a whole lot of posts I need to read to find out what the rest of you came up with which I'm looking forward to. Now I'm blogging from home so I will have time in the evenings to catch up. In the meantime I'm going to let this post suffice for now and do some reading. There are a whole lot of new followers I must acknowledge and thank too.
So without further addo let me say I'm sssssssssssssssssssoooooooooooooo glad to be back and may the Lord bless all of you. Thank you so much for your patience. Geoff.


  1. Cant imagine how frustrating all that down time has been !!


  2. I would be so depressed if I did not have internet. Right now, we have NO tv so this is my connection to the outside world. I hope you have a great week...

  3. So glad that you've gotten things straightened out Geoff. It must feel good being able to post from home again! Welcome back! Love Di ♥

  4. We didn't forget you!! Welcome back. I know I've had Internet Withdrawal when I've been without my computer or access to the Internet. Looking forward to more of 'Geoff's Insights on Life'!

  5. To all of you I would like to say Thanks and may God bless all of you this week. I need to post this comment before this stupid machine cuts me off again. This is attempt 7 to post a comment here. Love Geoff.

  6. Geoff,
    The internet is wonderful when everything is working, and when it doesn't, it can be a form of frustration and even isolation from the world as we have came to know.
    It is wonderful to have you back. The words in your posts make a difference in my day and for many others as well. I look forward to more thoughts from you, inspiration to keep the faith and appreciation for life's blessings. While you were gone, I took the opportunity to reread some old posts of yours, so for me, your words still gave to me. That is one reason I love the written word, you can go back and it means something everytime you read it. May there be abundant blessings in your life dear friend.

  7. Hello Geoff, glad that you are back, I had been missing from The Journey myself. Internet connections have been so critical in our lives now that I imagine we could live without electricity (enough battery power to charge our computers and modems though) than live without internet. Of course that should not be the way but that is just how it is now.

    Happy surfing and reading.