Friday, April 01, 2011


So this is my first post for Lee's April Challenge. Not knowing where to begin I asked a friend of mine to give me any English word starting with an "A" and she said acquire without hesitating. So without further ado let me begin.
Now I obviously know what the word means according to today's modern English, as I have no doubt you do too, and since I have decided to use biblical references for this challenge, I thought about where this word is used in the Bible. The first instance that popped into my thoughts is from the book of Proverbs where the Lord through king Solomon enjoins us to ACQUIRE wisdom though it cost all you have.
Proverbs 3 verse 7.
The first thing is to ACQUIRE wisdom;
gain understanding though it cost you all
you have.
Don't you wish you were wise and could fathom things out the way king Solomon could? However this post is about the word ACQUIRE not wisdom, that will probably come later.
This is an absolutely amazing word when taken according to what the bible has to say. To give you some idea of the meaning let me first quote a few definitions;
Adopt, take up and practice as one's own.
Assume, take as one's possession.
Develop, through experience
Evolve, undergo development or evolution
Gain, and so on
Get, and so on
Larn, a new word for me, I'm going to totally freak my children out in Scrabble with this one. Meaning the same as learn.
Learn, and so on
Produce, and so on
Take, and so on
Take on, and so on
Win, and so on............
This word is a verb and therefor a doing word. It is in fact an instructional word according to God's word. He told the Israelites to acquire the land. He advises us to acquire wisdom.In fact when you think about it submission to God is in effect the acquisition of a humble heart and your greatest acquisition is in fact the privilege of being allowed to enter the Very presence of God himself.
There is one fly in the ointment though, Jesus tells us to give everything we have away and to follow him. This to me is the ultimate piece of advice it's not about what we get but about our ability to give. If you have nothing to lose you have everything to gain and have already ACQUIRED freedom from all threats.
Oh Lord my God, may I too acquire a humble heart and in so doing be allowed the privilege of entering your presence. Thank you Lord.


  1. Great use of the prompt! Happy A-Z Challenge!

    Stopping by from the Challenge

  2. Hi Geoff, first time visitor. I do love Proverbs and that's a great verse. Have a great weekend!

  3. Just stopping by on the A-Z challenge. I like the picture of the bee and the flower!

  4. I'm a big fan of acquiring wisdom. Good post.

  5. That was beautiful, Geoff. You've done well.

  6. Well Geoff I think that you managed to give the word "Acquire" much more substance than I would have thought that it actually had! Great job my friend.
    Love Di ♥

  7. I enjoyed this post. God does want us to grow and learn (we are not to be stagnant) and this post on "acquire" really spoke to that. Thank you.

  8. This was a wonderful post! I like your theme for the challenge...I'm visiting from the A-Z today.

  9. I pray for wisdom every single day! Great post!

  10. What an inspiring post. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to reading more from you.

  11. just stopping by on the A to Z challenge to say hi! nice to meet you

  12. A sister in the Lord has cancer
    and is very ill
    Will you pray for her?
    Nothing is impossible with God
    and there is power in prayer

    God bless you and your family
    Jan Samuel

  13. Hi Geoff! Another South African here.

    I love what you wrote in this post.

    To me, the first step to acquiring anything is to give away. For example, God will give me wisdom if I am willing to use it to help other people.

    Have a blessed Sunday.