Monday, March 07, 2011

Where are you?

For some time now I've been thinking about people who read my blog and where they are when they read.
When I write my posts I sit at a desk at a friend of mine's offices and this is where I read your posts too.
Where do you write and think about what you are reading?  I left the cable for my camera at home so in order to publish a picture of where I do my writing I will first have to go home and get it then come back and download a picture for you. It's coming.
So there you have it, now you know exactly where I am when reading your posts.
A few absolute necessities, my Bible, my glasses and of course a cup of coffee. The strange object just peeking out on the right is a vinyl cutter, the roll under the desk is sticky application backing for letter cut outs done on the cutter and that's about it. Not a very interesting place I know but it's not where I am that counts but where my head is.
God bless you my friends where ever you are and may your heads and hearts always be with the Lord.


  1. Hi Geoff!
    I am sitting in my recliner with my laptop. This is where I read and post. I have arthritis in my knees so sitting with my feet on the floor gets very uncomfortable, very quickly.
    And that's it my friend, my big old green recliner in my living room! Love Di ♥

  2. I'm looking forward to your picture.

    I sit in a gray swivel chair with one leg curled up under me . The computer is on a curved wooden desk and I fit inside the rounded bend. A globe of the world (in beige and gold and brown) is on a stand across the room and everyone that comes over likes to send it on a spin and tell me where the've traveled to or come from.

  3. Di. My back gets sore if I sit too long in one position so I have to get up every now and then. I can imagine you sitting there surrounded with all the things you've collected over the years. A side table next to you with a lamp over your shoulder, smiling as you think about others and forgetting yourself, lost in another persons thoughts.
    One woman's thoughts.
    Hi. I can see you sitting there leaning forward a little engrossed in your reading and right now or at least when you wrote your comment looking around your room thinking about where you are and all the interesting stories you have encountered in that room. You seem to be thinking about specific stories told to you by your visitors showing you places on your beautiful globe.
    Thanks for leaving your comments and hopefully all of us when writing will come to realize that the person reading it has a wealth of memories and experiences to draw on and is in the place they deem comfortable and comforting. My love and respect goes out to you in friendship, Geoff.

  4. Hiya Geoff, Well this makes you so much more real. I sit on a recliner with feet elevated and laptop on my knees. If my legs are down for an amount of time they this way its comfortable. My little dog Monty is on the floor beside me and my hubby is working on an antique car downstairs in the garage. Today I went to exercise classes then came home cooked breakfast, cleaned the house and ironed. Then I researched to get some things correct for when I begin counselling and supervising. Now its my time.I allow myself two hours of writing today. Keep well friend. <><

  5. Hiya Crystal Mary,
    Yes it does put another spin on things doesn't it. It seems to me we all have our little infirmities to deal with but at the same time we all seem to find some place or seating arrangement where we can do our writing. Of course the ideal for me would probably be to be on the veranda facing the sea on some South Pacific island with the sun sparkling off the water in the lagoon with possibly a gin and tonic by my side and a laptop in front of me. Ha. Ha. But hey I have the next best thing anyway. God bless you my friend.

  6. Thank you sharing where you post and comment...very cozy room. No photo, but there's my interpretative drawing, of where "Theanne and Baron" share an office, on my blog today. I had a lot of fun drawing it...and it's pretty accurate...I have a laptop so sit on my sofa!

  7. Thanks Theanne. I went to your blog as you may have noticed and not only left a comment but went through all your stuff. I think Baron is awesome as is your drawing of your dream hose. God bless, Geoff.