Monday, February 28, 2011

Her name was Nora.

As a follow up to my last post "Snake bite" I would just like to tell you about something amazing that happened while I was waiting for the doctor to have a look at me.
I live in Africa. Africa is not like America or Britain, here health services leave much to be desired, if you go to a government hospital that is. Hospitals in this country are under staffed and under financed to say the least, buildings are not maintained properly, staff are under paid and overworked and so on and so on. God however still visits patients here even though conditions are not always as good or clean as they should be.
 Waiting in the trauma ward reception usually entails sitting on wooden benches among coughing, sneezing, crying and bleeding people for hours. After my snake bite I landed up at a government hospital where I sat for about 9 hours waiting for someone to pay attention to my needs. Because I had been bitten by a snake I had to sit in the ward itself and not in the corridor. Well two people caught my attention.
One was a chap who had a gunshot to his abdomen. He refused to allow anyone to help him and insisted on lying on the floor in a pool of his own blood mixed with all the dirt already covering the rest of the floor. They eventually sedated him and took him into the theatre and removed the bullet. I think he survived.
The other was a woman lying on a gurney (one of those beds on wheels they use in hospitals), She was moaning and moving her legs trying to find relief.
At this stage I had still not received any attention and was sitting on a chair watching what was going on. Anyway after a while the woman on the gurney changed her moaning to singing. She wasn't using words but her voice took on this amazingly beautiful harmonious melody and her movements changed to a sort of dancing in the bed. It was amazing to see. It didn't take long before I realized that she was no longer here. At one point an intern came over to me and said "how are you doing Mr Maritz?" She had come from England, Indian or Pakistani by appearance. I looked at her and said "Shh, she's singing with the angels." and pointed to the woman who was now singing. The intern took one look at her and forgot all about me, she went to her and took her by the hand, "Nora, Nora." she called but to no avail. She then went to coll one of the sisters who also called "Nora, Nora."
A little later they wheeled her over to a corner of the room and pulled a curtain around the bed. One of the nurses then called Nora's family and told them to come, Nora was dying.
For me this was very enlightening and helped me to make a decision, I want to sing to the Lord among angels.
My question to you is, Do you want to sing with the angels? I do 100%.
We have a choice, lie on the floor refusing any help or allow Jesus to come to our aid and as a result end up singing with the angels.
God bless you all and may you too end up singing with the angels. Geoff.

Psalm 66 verse 4
'All men on earth fall prostrate in thy
and sing to thee, sing psalms in honour of thy name.'


  1. Geoff, it is just so hard for me to imagine the conditions that your hospitals are in and the tremendous workload of their medical teams. My prayers are with you to heal up from the snake bite. God bless you for sharing this heartfelt moment in your life with us. When we continue to keep our focus on Jesus things around us seem to be of less importance. Nora had her focus on our Lord and it was a witness to all who were in the room. May our Lord continue to be with you my friend in Christ. Lloyd

  2. Ah Lloyd, This happened about two years ago. I'm still alive and have so many stories to tell about the grace and inconceivable faithfulness of our Lord. Not only was Nora a witness to those in the room with her when she went home to be with the Lord but now her name has been spread all over the world as a witness to anyone who needs a reassuring story to carry them through.
    God bless you my friend. Geoff.

  3. Geoff . . . you see the blessings in everyday life. My spirit is often renewed by your stories of experiences.

    After the 2009 hurricane in Haiti, I was watching television (here in the USA) and was moved by the singing of the people to God and angels as they were rescued from being buried in the rubbles after many days without food and water. It grew and grew and I will never forget how wonderfully moved I was, the tears in my eyes and the chills the singing gave me.
    My parents had also told me of such wonders of spirituality when they were prisoners of war in Russia during WWII.
    As a nurse too, I have seen great faith and joy in times when illness, tradgedy and death loom closest.
    May you be filled with song at your finest moments.

  4. Geoff, what a wonderful post! I really enjoyed it. What a positive way to view our mortality--especially when we are staring point blank in its eyes. I want to leave this world singing among the angels, the thought just gives me chills and such joy, it brings tears to my eyes. My heart goes out to you and your country with the conditions you face. I'll keep you in my prayers!

    ♥.•*¨ Elizabeth ¨*•.♥

  5. One Woman's thoughts;
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and hopefully I will be able to sing to the Lord all the days of my life. To be allowed to stand among all those who have gone before me and now look upon the very face of God is my fervent prayer, I know that I let him down far too often but trust that He will still love me enough to be merciful. Jesus knows how much of a struggle getting through this life is.
    Me too.
    My country isn't all that bad really. We may not have all the financial benefits of so called "first world" countries but you know what, We have a population that is far more dependant upon the Lord. I love my country and to tell tell the truth, we're doing just fine, better than most actually. God is with us.

  6. Hello Geoff, I enjoyed and appreciated the story, thank you. All men on earth fall prostrate in Thy presence..that would be a wonderful sight!

  7. HI Geoff .....I wanted to response to your comment on my post to let you know I am well...I wasn't sure if you'd visit my post again so I'm copying my response here..

    How kind of you to take the time to write about your concern. I guess my writing isn't as clear as I thought.....oops.
    I am ...shout from the roof tops well! GLORY! It has been more than 16 years since stepping out of my depression. I've never written about my depression and felt a prompt to do so. I meet many depressed (in the clinical sense) people and had wanted to let them know there is hope, there is victory.
    I have a banner that is flying high!!! Psalm 20:5
    Thanks for you comment, I am living proof that there is Hope to rise out of the dark place.

  8. What an amazing story Geoff! Seeing that must have been strange. And yes I would love to sing with the angels!
    Love Di ♥

  9. I choose to sing with angels and praise the Lord for all eternity :-)

    Take care Geoff and have a great week :-)


  10. Sing with the Angels...if not with my voice, with my mind, if not with my mind, with my heart, if not with my heart, with my very soul! I'm so happy you love your country and that your country is dependent upon the Lord!

  11. Singing with the Angels is definitely something I look forward to. Your hospital ordeal sounds very unpleasant, but you did well under the cirumstances. The emergency room is among the least pleasant places that I can think of.

    Tossing It Out

  12. Aisha, thanks for the visit. The vision I have of heaven isn't people on their knees but a huge crowd standing before the Lord with their hands in the air praising God with joy in their hearts. Hey it's my vision.
    Diana, strange? No not really, I knew just what was happening and knew that the Lord had sent me there for that very reason, to show me. I made a decision right there and then. Thank you Lord.
    Thanks Ron. Me too.
    Theanne, yep! Everything I am, me too and yes I do live in an amazing country.
    Lee, thanks. I think that when next I'm in the area I will try to get permission to take a photo of the place and publish it here. Nothing like what you see on the movies.
    Thanks everyone for your thoughtful comments. We do serve a fantastic God.

  13. I believe God is trying to get the U.S.A.'s attention--we need to depend on Him and less on ourselves; that is what we do as long as things go well, we have food, employment and health. When those things are taken away, then, people reach out to God and realize that they are truly dependent on Him for everything.

  14. Joy, Hi thanks for visiting again. I'm not sure what things are like in the US but I know that there is a lot of unemployment here and people are really struggling to keep their heads above water.
    My life and my relationship with God has changed so much over the past 3 years because of suffering that I'm inclined to agree with you. Without God in our lives the only recourse we have is to depend on ourselves. And that leaves much to be desired, we are truly powerless.