Tuesday, February 01, 2011


Are we the only animals that shed emotional tears? From what I've been reading on the Net it seems that most scientists seem to think so. Animals do however have emotions, there is evidence for that. Humans are the only creatures that ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil according to the Bible though. My question is: how do you feel about man's propensity for shedding tears, not http://Crying Baby Eyes Full Size download by Photos8.com only of grief but of joy too? My next question is: do you shed tears when you worship or pray? My feelings about tears comes from the Bible. John tells us in the book of Matthew that The son Of God will anoint us with the Holy spirit and with fire. Now the Holy Spirit is likened to the river of life i.e. water, struggles and discipline are likened to fire. All the way through the Bible we are told of how various people came before the lord weeping and shedding tears. It has been my experience that tears quench the fire within us. I've always found that when in distress tears seem to ease the pain. Another thing that I've found is when I sing to the Lord in sincerity of heart tears are soon forthcoming. ( Quite embarrassing in a packed church when no one else is weeping. Ah the Lord sees my heart.) Another time tears come easily is when the Lord blesses me unexpectedly. Why don't animals shed tears? Is it because they accept their fate with total trust in the Lord, it was only man who was banished from the garden of Eden. Let me know what you think. I'm really curious to know if other people see things the way I do.


  1. 1. How do I feel about man's propensity for shedding tears, not only of grief but of joy too?

    I think we are never more like Christ than when cry over the problems of people.

    2. Do I shed tears when I worship or pray?

    I have on occasion but not often.

  2. Hi Geoff -- great post. I have to say that I cry 99% of the time at church. Mostly during worship -- and I mean tears streaming down -- but sometimes during the preaching. If I think about it, it might embarrass me because I don't see anyone else crying either, but I don't think about it, or try very hard not to. :) I don't think it's necessary of course, but it's definitely a part of my prayer and worship.

    Have a blessed week!

  3. But what IS the tree of knowledge of good and evil? Do a search: The First Scandal.

  4. Sometimes I've seen dogs look really sad--almost like they're crying, but I don't think any animals actually shed tears in the way humans do. I have shed tears during prayer and worship, but not very often. It has been in times when I was feeling very emotional and usually my emotional state is pretty consistently level.

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  5. Hi Ron.
    Thanks for your insights, it seems to me that this world we are living in really does dish out hardship and when I hear of the suffering of others it does make me want to cry. That's why I don't have a T.V. A picture is worth a thousand words. Jesus cried at the tomb when he saw the heartache of Mary and Martha, not because Lazarus was dead.

    Lisa Hi.
    Yeah, I also try very hard not to think about it but hey! it happens. Oh well what can I say.

    Robert welcome to my blog.
    I looked at your profile and nothing?
    In the original Greek the interpretation for the word that we now take as rib was in fact "Spirit". Now God said to Adam "Because you listened to the part of your spirit that has become defiled you will have to work for your bread, I will no longer provide for you, it's up to you now."(paraphrased) When we listen to that inner voice that says "God won't mind if you do this" when all the time ignoring that little voice inside, namely the Holy Spirit, that is saying "No this is wrong" then we are separated from God and we have to go it alone. It is only when we start listening to the Holy Spirit, that small quiet voice inside that is telling us what is right, can we enter the presence of God. That is the only time He can begin to provide for us again. This allegory, in my opinion, has nothing to do with sexual relations but more to do with our being rebellious to God by ignoring his guidance and following our own stubborn hearts. Please come back to visit again, you are more than welcome.

    Hello Lee.
    I have a dog, Archibald is his name, Who sulks when he is cross with me. I also have a cat, Wild Olive, who was abandoned by her previous guardians. When I go away for a few days and return she will be around me constantly to the point of sleeping on top of me at night. I think she is scared I will abandon her the way she was abandoned before. Yes animals definitely do have emotions. Me too and that's why I sometimes weep.
    God bless you all my friends and thanks for your comments, Geoff.

  6. Hi Geoff, It is good to be able to cry. Men especially should be able to shed tears..Its good health. For years I couldn't, now they just fall at every emotion especially for others..or when I hear a beautiful hymn.
    Thank you for your prayers for the cyclone.
    All is well. Hug. CM

  7. Crystal mary, a huge hug for you, glad all is well.