Thursday, February 03, 2011

The Amazingness of the Holy Spirit.

It's funny how sometimes you start thinking about something and, before you know it, whatever you have been thinking about happens.  Let me give you an example. A few days ago I was thinking about a company I used to work for, Cactus, doing exhibition stands. I have published posts about them in the past. Well I was thinking how sad it was that I no longer worked for them and how nice it would be if we could work together again. I was very happy there but one of the partners had a problem with my religion and of course I had a problem with him telling me they could do very well without me thank you very much. Anyway last night when I got home I noticed one of my friend's cars parked at the restaurant next door and also a missed call from him so I went to speak to him. Guess what he wanted to speak to me about, Cactus are looking for a workshop manager and my name had been mentioned. Now I hadn't really prayed about it but had mentioned it a few times to the Lordin a casual sort of way. You see I've been trying to redo my C.V. and of course the position I'm looking for is "Workshop Manager."
I started at this company as a carpenter under another workshop manager who was a friend of mine who had been out of the loop for many years and was not as capable and up to speed as me. My workmanship by the way is excellent, I'm not bragging, it's just I have a gift for it. Anyway under his leadership things were happening a little too slowly and it wasn't long before most of the projects coming into the shop were going to me. In time I became team leader which caused my friend a lot of resentment. Hey I'm good at this stuff, I've been doing it for more than 25 years and I have been managing teams for almost as long. I also had my own set building company and so understand the necessity of get stuff out quickly and on time and getting into the next project as fast as possible. It didn't take long before I was managing the whole workshop and my friend was completely sidelined. Sorry Rob it wasn't intentional it's just how things work out.
When I left Rob was once again in his element but their production slowed again. This they can not afford especially in an industry like the film industry and so now he too is no longer there. It is not easy to find a man to take on a position like this especially at the level of pay they are able to afford.
Anyway I contacted them about an hour ago and we will have to see what the outcome will be but I have a funny feeling the results are going to be positive. Either way I know that God is involved in this event and what He decides is what He decides.
The Spirit is a very powerful thing to say the least, it goes way beyond cell phones and e-mail. It's like having someone answering your requests before you ask. Funny that, I think that is what Jesus was trying to tell us all along. "See I am coming soon and I bring my recompense with me to reward every man according to his deeds.".


  1. Puts a smile on my smile...soo nice!
    The Holy Spirit has a wonderful sense of humour..and everything, is in His time. I will believe for this with you..
    God Bless everthing you do Geoff.

  2. Praise God whichever way this goes. This was a good encounter no matter what.

    Tossing It Out and the Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2011

  3. This is so awesome, Geoff. I love how God works in Believers's lives. Obviously, since you have honored God, he is honoring you--taking care of you. I think the Holy Spirit may have given you that little 'heads up' when you first began thinking of Cactus, but no matter... you have shared a wonderful story of how our Father takes care of us, and of how He will always triumph. I always appreciate your humble attitude and Christ-like ways that are reflected in your writings. And isn't it awesome that your God and my God are the one in the same and that He can take care of me and you even though we are on opposite sides of the world? His Truth is the same Truth throught out the world! Praise God!

  4. God is the blessed controller of 'ALL' things and that includes Cactus :-)

    Take care brother Geoff and have a great week