Thursday, January 06, 2011

Welcome 2011

Wow! I've been sitting here for four hours reading all your blogs and what interesting reading it has been. As most of you know I don't have permanent Internet access but have to come to the offices of Andy my friend in order to blog. Well getting the keys over December is quite a mission and not always possible so please accept my apologies for the scarcity of posts and comments.
2010 for me was a very rough year and I'm so glad that January has at last arrived. Hopefully the new year will bring some relief from the struggle to find work and keeping my animals fed. It seems to me that the new owners of the farm where I stay have decided that I am indeed the farm manager after all. This is very good news. I still have to confirm details with them such as salary etc but it is good news.
I have uploaded a document I wrote to Oprah Winfrey some years ago before I had any idea how to use a computer and I would really appreciate your comments.
I must tell you that the only response I got from this letter was a demand from some lawyer that I pay for a television licence for a television I did not have. I had watched her program at a friends house. Oh well.
What I really would appreciate is intelligent comments on the concept expressed in this document.
With that said I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a fantastic new year and may my God bless all of you abundantly.


  1. Hi Geoff, Happy New Year! :)

    I was not able to open the file to read it. Not sure what the problem is, but I would really like to read it.

    Blessings for a great 2011!

  2. Hi Geoff can't open either sweetie can you cut and paste...Patricia

  3. I am so hppy for you employment is great thing good luck and God Bless Patricia...nice ride

  4. Hello Geoff,
    I have looked at HARRP and Australian floods and am amazed!!!! I will put this out everywhere for others to read.The U.S A. could be jealous of Australia having a better eccomony?? BUT!! My husband it American and go news this morning that the richest oil strike ever, has been discovered in the U.S. north west...we shall see. I just leave my glorious God in control.
    I tried to open your file with the letter to oprah??? To no avail.
    So I joined Rapidshare thinking that would help, however, I still could not open it.
    So frustrating.
    I love the daisy's they are a favoured flower for me.
    Happy New Year to you Geoff. 2010 seems like it was a hard one for many of us. I pray this one is much better. Thank you for you kindness always. Crystal Mary

  5. Hi. Well I had to remove that link to rapidshare because I could not get it to work. I'm going to a friend to ask him to sort it out for me. Sorry about that.

  6. Happy new year to you too, Geoff! :)