Monday, January 31, 2011

The Theory of Yawning

So here is My theory of the phenomenon we refer to as yawning. I find that when I'm focused on something that is not inclusive of my surrounds but exclusive in some way then I tend to ignore sounds and everything else around me. However when I take my focus off whatever I've been focused on and take cognisance once again of what is going on then I need to refocus my mind, almost like waking up in the morning. This happens when I come out of a movie or when I stop praying or even when I've been reading Blogs. I think that yawning has nothing to do with oxygen but is instead a way to re balance our spiritual mind. When you go up in an elevator chances are, if you go high enough, you will have to yawn or open your mouth and waggle your jaw to clear your ears. Your inner ear is what we use to keep our balance in the same way we have to re focus our minds when we change our environment and yawning does both simultaneously. Those of you who read my previous post and thought about it will have to admit there is possibly some truth in my theory and for the rest of your lives every time you yawn you are going to wonder why. That is what has happened to me. God bless you all my friends and next time you yawn ask yourself why.


  1. Good one Geoff, and does make me think...
    Your wonderful !! Hug to you.

  2. Thanks Crystal Mary, hugs back to you.

  3. I think your theory is correct in part. Like many human activities I think there could be multiple reasons for doing something. I do believe that sometimes yawning is for trying to get more oxygen--I find myself doing this sometime when I feel short of breath. Other times I might yawn for different reasons and they're not always the same.
    Good topic to ponder though.

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  4. I agree with you. I have been giving myself over to Jesus more and more these days, trying to pray more and read my Bible a lot more, and whenever I pray I tend to yawn when I think I've realized something profound. Or when I think God would be pleased with what I was thinking, I couldn't figure out why. I even thought maybe it was the Holy Spirit or something but I figured that was unlikely, Your theory is much better. Perhaps it's when I pray and realize these amazing things about God that I have to reacquire my life's balance, or adjust my view to the rest of the world. Sort of like reordering a list after you add a different filter to it. So perhaps you yawn when you Re-filter your life whether that be waking up or realizing something awesome, or just coming out of the world in the movie you were in.

  5. This has been an amazing post for me. I have a list of my most popular posts and this one has been on that list ever since I wrote it. Amazing.
    one other post that has stayed on that list is "Tears". Possibly because both of them have a picture of a really cute baby. Whatever the reason, they are still popular after a very long time and both of them are thought provoking. I think the Lord used me to show just how awesome He really is and just how unaware of Him we are. God bless everyone who takes note of these two posts. Geoff.