Monday, January 10, 2011

A Man with an Idea and a Burning Desire

I sometimes look at other peoples blogs and feel a bit envious of all their followers but on the weekend I was thinking about it and came to the conclusion that I would prefer to have fewer followers with whom I can build a real relationship. Following lots of blogs takes time and I don't always have the time since I have to "borrow" Internet time form my friend Andy. I have over the time that I've been blogging managed to build exactly that kind of relationship with some people I've met on line. Elizabeth Riggin  is one of them and although I don't always get to read her posts immediately I do enjoy her friendship immensely.
So to those of you who are my followers at the moment I would like to tell you that I do appreciate your friendship and value your interest in my writings. Some times it is as if I can read between the lines and actually see into your lives, which is I suppose what friends do. I'm really just carpenter and do realise that my posts are not always the best and somtimes miss the proffesional touch that a lot of bloggers seem to impart to their writing. Please forgive me and be patient, I'm still learning to be a writer. God bless you from my heart to yours.
 On another note, I'm going to start another blog with regards the farm and what God spoke to me about in 2007. I've been trying to get a document off my computer (which is not connected to the net) and to post it on my blog but up to now every attempt has failed so I think I'm going to have to redo it as a post of it's own, Argh!
What happened is; I was coming off the hill one day and speaking to the Lord as usual when I complained to the Lord that I was the only one out of 6 - 8 billion people who loved the farm and if he didn't save it, it was going to be developed and all the life that takes refuse here was going to be wiped out.
 Well it seems that things have changed and He is in fact saving it. The letter I sent to Oprah Winfrey and Cape Nature Conservation explains the whole thing very well so when I do eventually manage to get it sorted out one way or the other it will make much more sense. I'm looking for a name for my new blog and am hoping my Blogger friends can come up with a few suggestions. It's all about nature conservation and God's way of getting things done. I'll have to be patient for now and see what happens. If you have any notions let me know.
This is a big farm (thousands of hectares) and I've never done anything like this before. I do however believe that with the help of God even one man can make a difference. God bless you all my friends.


  1. Quality of followers is probably more rewarding than quantity. It depends a great deal on your objective though. I was seeking to grow my following and put in a great deal of effort to do so. The more blogs you visit, follow, and comment on, then the greater probability that your own following will grow. The greater number of followers increases the probability that you will have more comments. Of course, this is not for everyone. I'm seeking to create a "platform" for any future possible attempts at getting published.

    The first name that came to my mind was "Back to the Garden", but it may be a blog title someone else is already using. It is a quote from the Joni Mitchell song "Woodstock", but it makes me think of the Garden of Eden and the process of getting back to the land.

    Best of luck with your efforts.

    Tossing It Out

  2. I'm with you - I'd rather have just a few quality blogger friends whom I can correspond back and forth with than have a boat-load that I barely know. As it is, I have over 100 followers, but only really know about 25 of them pretty well.

    I'm still interested in reading that letter -- I know it's interesting and I thought you are quite a good writer, by the way.

    Sorry, but my brain is empty of ideas at the moment. If I think of a blog title that might work, I'll come back by.

    Be blessed and have a great week friend!

  3. I quite like the title of your post for the title of a blog....

  4. Hi Geoff

    I hope your new blog goes well.

    Good Bless! :-)


  5. Lee, thanks for your insightful comment. Yes I do know that visiting other blogs (which I love doing) and commenting will increase my following but look how often you come to my blog and how we seem to have built a friendship even though we have never met. Your comments are already valued as is your friendship, that's what I'm talking about.
    Lisa, when I finally get that letter sorted out I will let you know, hopefully in the not too distant future. I like my friends at Blog spot too.
    Eve thanks, it is actually the title of a blog I started writing before I knew what a blog was.
    Ron, thanks good bless you too.

  6. I so enjoy coming to visit your blog. You write from within your heart, mind and soul. There is no better place to write from.
    Your thoughts come across to me as peaceful and serene, from a place with God as your anchor.
    One person makes a difference, like a ripple in the water. Patience and perseverence . . . yes?
    Too live amongst so many animals most truly be a blessing.
    Take care and I always appreciate your visits as well.