Monday, November 22, 2010

Rain,Rain don't go away, stay for just another day.

We had a tremendous rainstorm in the early hours of Sunday morning. The main duck pond was almost empty because I had decided to let it run dry in order to allow me to get some of the rubbish out before refilling it. Ha, Ha.I came outside on Sunday to walk to church and everything was wet. Of course the pond was full to overflowing. The rubbish must stay for now while the pond slowly empties.
We have a problem with crows attacking the newly hatched chicks and ducklings, out of nine ducklings that hatched only one survived, Argh! Fortunately the ducks are mating again so we can expect more babies but this time I think I will have to separate them from their mom and hand rear them. I hate feeding the crows with my babies, in fact I hate crows on the farm. One was even trying to take my cat out but he was sitting under a thorn bush so it couldn't get to him, thank you Lord.

With winter over and the South Easterly winds blowing everything dries out and for the wild creatures food becomes scarce. As the summer progresses the long grass will slowly vanish and the dust will got more irritating. Everything slowly gets covered in dust and cleaning becomes a daily chore. Oh well everything for it's season.

With Christmas approaching work is becoming scarce which is weird considering that everyone seems to be preparing for the holidays and working their butts off. Spare a little for me please. Life gets quite tough when you are freelance. The one thing I can say about Cape Town is that unless you are well connected you will struggle. Still I really do love this place and God really does look after me. Thank you once again Lord.
One of my friends has given me a scooter to use, at the moment it needs repairs to the starter motor but once it is repaired getting around will certainly be a lot easier. Hopefully I will find work too and at least be able to get there.
My weekends have gotten quite hectic lately, Andy's exhibition last Friday evening then off to see the musical Annie on Saturday night(my son James is a cast member) with Shelly me daughter.

This Saturday afternoon some chaps wanted to go for a walk up the hill on the farm and when they returned invited me for a beer. Well they stayed the whole day and well into the night having a great time.
A Friend of mine Wynand then arrived to invite me out for dinner with his two daughters and that lasted until well after 10. Sunday afternoon was spent amongst friends just laughing and having a good time. Ed the owner of the restaurant next door had bought a pellet gun and everyone was competing to see who could hit the most cans. Quite a challenge really, great fun.
Well at the moment I'm asking the Lord to bless me with work, Hopefully He will give me a permanent position in a company where my talents will be appreciated, I certainly hope so.
God bless you all my friends and may you all have a wonderful week.

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