Monday, November 15, 2010

An Elegant Evening with Andy

Wow what a fantastic evening.
Friday evening was spent among some of the nicest people I've met for a long time. Andy Carr a friend of mine from Melkbos has for the past year or so been working on a pet project of his aspiring to have an art exhibition. At first his exhibit was to include a number of his artistic friend's work but due to time and budget restraints had to be reduced to a private affair with just his works.
The idea was to shoot 360 degree panoramas and then to stitch them together in such a way that one can get a feel for the beauty of wide open spaces in the comfort of his amazing home that he himself built. There were about 100 people that eventually arrived to share in his "Celebration of photographic panoramics." This is what it was like.

The evening started a little before sundown and carried on into the early hours of Saturday morning as these things tend to do. Lots of red wine (the good South African variety) bread and a variety of cheeses and pate's kept everyone in a jovial frame with some great music playing at a comfortable level in the background.

The catering was admirably handled by Yolanda's two teenage sons Keanu and Tristan with Yolanda, who works with Andy and Margie in their billboard business, doing her "keeping busy thing" helping with food preparation and supervising them. They all did a great job, well done. I really like this little family.

As can be imagined a large proportion of those in attendance were photographers, some professional, some amatures like myself learning to take pictures of people as opposed to plants and insects and some in between. There were lots of cameras and since the photographer is never in any of his photos I decided to take a few and send them on by way of e-mail as a reminder.
Not everyone likes their photo being taken but I have found that we tend to look for ourselves in photos and so the logical thing to do is take pictures anyway and a cheeky attitude and a big smile tends to get them to smile.

Andy and Margie were gracious hosts as always, mingling with their guests, keeping their eyes on the comfort and enjoyment of everyone in attendance and generally being the fantastic people that they are.
There are those who welcome being photographed of course. This picture was taken inside one of Andy's 360 degree displays. Very interesting. The model is a girl from Belgium and unfortunately I have no idea what her name is. Sorry.

There were the obligatory speeches and thank you's of course and the whole thing turned out quite humorous as can be expected considering the flow of wine. I by this time must admit to being quite inebriated since I had had nothing to eat. There were people I should have paid a lot more attention to that I know of but as I said, an empty tummy and red wine seem to have a rather befuddling effect on me. Sorry.

Even Neville from The bar that was on the farm where I live, "Nev's place", arrived and since he runs overland safaris spent time regailing people with his stories of the African bush. Of course dramatic liscence is permitted under these circumstances.

Well at the end of the day I would say that everyone realy enjoyed their evening and after so much work having being undertaken by Andy and Margie and so many hours of stress stitching thousands of photos together I would like to say to Andy and Margie,
 "WELL DONE." Where many would'nt have, you did it.
God bless you and your family now and forever more.

Some random photos of my efforts to photograph people.


  1. Great photos Geoff. It looks like you and your family and friends had a fantastic time :-)

    next time don't forget to invite me! :-)


  2. Hi Geoff, found your blog by way of 'The Old Geezer. It's always interesting to see and read about other people on the other side of the world. Looks like you had a great party and time with friends here. Yes, what would we do without friends? They make the world go round. Will be back to read more when I don't have to get supper ready!

  3. Hi Geoff, I came back to this post, it was the first one I read on your blog. Looking at these photos again, I like how you seemingly worked unobtrusively around the room. Great shots, I like how some were at different angles, it made things more interesting. The photos make one feel as if they were there. I think you definitely have a talent here!