Friday, August 06, 2010

Hello everybody, I'm back at last. In my last post I mentioned that I was going to Knysna to build a stand for the Launch of a new Mercedes Benz mercedes benz 300 slr which turned out to be the new gull wing 300slr sports car. A very nice car but the organization of the event left much to be desired. We were told that our stand was to go into a marquee however what we eventually landed up with was a Bedouin type tent with a maximum height of only 10ft where everything we had built was 14ft. We eventually landed working right through the night and rebuilding the whole lot to get it to fit. What a nightmare. Anyway our client was happy in the end and that is all that really counts. Thank you Lord, it was still a great trip and a great experience.
It's funny how childhood can pop up in us at the most unexpected times. The night before we arrived in Knysna they had a tremendous storm which dumped about 3 inches of rain in 12hrs. Lots of water. Anyway there was one place where a small river was flowing accross the road and having a diesel van to drive (diesel vehicles don't die in water like petrol vehicles do) I made the most of it and charged through creating these two enormous rooster tails either side of the van. What a gas, it was like being a child again playing in water.
The accomodation they gave us to stay in was a house on the golf estate, a realy great house in a truly fantastic location. . Of course at this stage I still had no camera so no photos.
Well I've been back in Cape Town since and then off to Sun City in the Magaliesberg mountains, about three hours drive north of Johannesburg, to build a stand for British American tobacco at one of their exhibitions. What a pleasure, everything went like clockwork and we landed up with a very happy client and a great stand. It is so encouraging when the whole crew works together as a team. Things just seem to work out better and the final result is also more satisfying.
Romantic walks through the estate by night.

Once again the accomodation we were given to stay in was outstanding. A four star hotel and spa on a game ranch. Our rooms were so comfortable and peaceful. If only I had had a woman to share it with, it was very romantic but as always romance is something shared between two people in love. Oh well I suppose you can't have everything. I highly reccomend this place as a honeymoon destination but will have to get back to this post in order to give you the name of the place and to install a link.

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