Monday, July 05, 2010

Moving on

Yesterday I had problem uploading pictures to my blog. I'm not quite sure why but anyway today is a new day and I will try again.
I have finally decided to let go of something that has been troubling me for a long time and am surprised at how taken aback some people become when they find out even when it has nothing to do with them. I'm moving on. Being a single man in a city where the women outnumber the men something like 7 to 1, a man of my age gets a lot of female attention. It's not always welcome and I find it very distracting because all I really want to do is walk with God. My relationship with the Lord has been taking strain lately and is very important to me. Sorry ladies but thanks all the same. Right now I would rather concentrate on mending my relationship with God.
I had to go into work on Saturday for a few hours to sort out a problem with a chalk board that we erected last week for a very important conference at Stellenbosch university, quite a complicated structure actually, two huge chalk boards that open up to reveal a projector screen all set in fabric covered walls on top of a stage.( I will try to get a photo from the company computer and if possible to post it here).Anyway on the way to the venue I got a call from my boss to say that the repairs were cancelled. What a pleasure, the weekend off with the use of the company pick-up. How about that for a bit of luck? When you have to get around by walking all the time, having wheels is a big plus and afforded me the opportunity to visit my friend Wynand who is going through a divorce at the moment and is taking a lot of strain. It's nice to be able to help your friends when their road becomes rocky. There are times when my road has become difficult and how I've wished that someone would come to see me. Anyway we played Scrabble and since he is not English speaking I trounced him, I love it when that happens. Christian fellowship is good not only for the person in need but for the care giver too.
Well I've just gotten a call to ask me to be in for work tomorrow to start on a show stand for the launch of some car that will be happening in Knysna, a very expensive up market small town about 4 hours from Cape Town up the east coast. That will have to go in next week on Friday, Cool. I must admit that working in an industry that sends me all over the country is great. I think I'm going to have to post a map of South Africa and include links so those of you who live overseas can know where I'm speaking about.
Geoff"s little cottage.
An interesting thing happened this morning when I got back from dropping off the car. I discovered that I had a hole in my trousers pocket and that my flash drive was missing. Well I started walking back to the bus stop to see if it could possibly have fallen out on the road, if it had fallen out on the bus or before I would have to accept the loss of all my pictures and things that were on it. This was not something I wanted to have to do. I asked the Lord " Please lord let me find my flash drive on the road and don't let it be on the bus or something." Well within ten steps there it was lying in the middle of the dust road and no one had driven over it. Thank you Lord you are so faithful.
It still amazes me that the creator of the whole universe listens to my simple little prayers and takes note of me. It really does. His word says at the end of the book of Hosea " I am the pine tree that shelters you and to me you owe your fruit." This is so true. You shelter me Lord and I'm grateful. Thank you Lord.
Well it's time for me to bid you farewell until next time and may God bless you the way he blesses me and may He answer your prayers as promptly as He does mine. God bless you all.


  1. A good relationship with God definitely must come first in order to have truly meaningful relationships otherwise.

    Glad you found the flashdrive--God must have wanted you to have it.

    Enjoyed seeing the photo of your homestead and would love to see the map and the places you go. Having done a lot of travel in the U.S. I'm always interested to know where people live and go. I keep a U.S. road atlas next to my desk and refer to it frequently. It would be interesting to get some perspective from another part of the world.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Hi! Geoff, I am back...I put some new poems up on my page. I have been on a emotional roller coaster with my life...job and future. I will be going back to school in September 2010. It will be a nine month course..hard but I will keep focused. God is with you! Love your blog today.
    Sincerely your friend, Elizabeth

  3. Hi Geoff. I like your little cottage--very managable and perfect for one person, or even two if one of the two is not a pack-rat! I like the stone wall, or is it concrete? I believe that large, long building in the back is that bar you have spoken of, correct? But what are the smaller buildings right behind your house? And why do you have bars on the windows? Lions? (joking). It looks like a cozy, peaceful place.

  4. P.S. The clouds were beautiful that day.