Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Some times life throws a curve ball at us and we find ourselves having to duck and dive in order to avoid being completely swamped. It is at times like this that God reveals his authority and his saving grace to us. When we fall on our knees weeping and begging for mercy for the things that we have done or haven't done. I seem to have been in just such a predicament recently, or I'm still in it, I'm still not quite sure. Pain caused by others has left me feeling incompetent and useless.
Last night I was walking around on the farm talking to myself and the Lord as we often do when the Lord laid it on my heart just how lucky I am.
I have an intimate relationship with him that transcends the ordinary.
Suddenly I realized just how many people there are in the world at this very moment, not to mention throughout history, who have longed to have just such a relationship with God. The scripture that came into my mind at the time and probably was the inspiration for the thought in the first place was the one where Jesus in speaking to the Pharisees and tells them about the Prophets and their forefathers having wished to see what they were seeing but never did.
I am very blessed but as usual still struggle with things like love and understanding. Those of you who are married are truly blessed even though there are times when you may not see it that way. Being single really sucks most of the time but it does offer me the opportunity to spend a lot of time with the Lord for which I am grateful.
I'm using a friend of mine's computer and have very limited time so I will have to cut this post short. I will be back when opportunity presents itself. God bless you my friends, may you have a great time until we meet again.


  1. Having known you for 17 years and having been married to you as well i can tell you that you are definately not incompetant or useless in fact quite the opposite. There are obviously people in the world that will always make you feel that way but to me you are my best friend and the only one i'll ever love and you'll always have my support. The Lord has never let me stop loving you no matter how much i've asked him too. You're the best.

  2. Wow, Geoff. What an amazing comment from your ex-wife! Absolutely stupendous! I imagine that lifted you up so high you were looking down at the clouds! "Where's Geoff?" "Oh, he's up there, right above that pretty pink cloud..." (Geoff waves). ;)

    I know this was an old post, but thought I'd comment anyway.