Monday, May 03, 2010


What is faith? It seems to me that when you really cry out to God and go into his presence humbly asking him to do something for you, you are going to have an answer almost right away. The question I'm asking is: are you ready to receive that for which you asked immediately or are you going to wait around hoping that God will answer you sometime in the future? If God does answer you straight away, as he did with Jesus and the apostles, will you be awake or will it pass you by because you were not expecting a reply so soon?

These are all things that I experience in my life and how often I miss opportunities because I was "asleep". There are so many scriptures where we are told that God is coming soon or where he says that deliverance is near and so on and so on.

The just will live by faith. How is your faith, is it strong, do you really believe or are you a little like me, sometimes a little afraid to ask because you know that he will bring it about soon and you may miss the opportunity put before you?

Jesus says that if you have faith no bigger than a mustard seed you could say to this mountain "be lifted up and cast into the sea" and it would AT ONCE obey you. This is scary stuff. Have you ever seen a mountain jump up and throw itself into the sea? I haven't but am convinced that if I really needed to have that happen and followed what Jesus said it would happen.

How do you let other people know about these things that are just so far outside everyday experience that they seem impossible? I have had experiences that are like this, real experiences that have no logical explanation.

On one occasion after reading Jeremiah29v11-14 I asked God whether he promised that what I was reading was true. Immediately after asking him I looked up and lo and behold right outside my window was a rainbow WITH A BASE OF ONLY 70M(200FT). Now I don't know of anyone else in the whole world who has seen such a small rainbow. Rainbows are huge with bases many miles across not tiny little things, it was there as soon as I asked God if he promised (remember Noah and the sign of the promise given to him).

I've stood in my garden and screamed at the clouds, while trying to get my laundry dry, "ENOUGH ALREADY" and the clouds over the farm opening up to let the sun shine through. It kept on raining all along the boundary and over the rest of Cape Town but on the farm there was sunshine until my laundry was dry. When I had removed everything from the line I looked up and said "thank you" and within 5 minutes down came the rain.

I have seen things that defy logic, things for which there is no logical explanation but no one believes me when I speak of them. why is this, how come we are so ready to believe that something is impossible but when the impossible happens we look for some stupid logical reason instead of giving credence to the fact that Gods word is true?

I've seen people do the most illogical things after I've prayed about them, I've seen restaurants fill up after weeks of no customers when I've prayed for them. I've seen people healed after prayer and the list goes on and on.

How can God, the Creator of the universe and all that is in it listen to me, a mere man and a sinner at that?

So now Once again my question is: What is faith, do you really believe or are you just kidding yourself?


If you think that what I've written her is nonsense and of no consequence then come and see me in my home and let me pray for you. You really need it.

The JUST shall live by FAITH. Stop doubting and start believing or suffer the consequences.


  1. After reading your post...all I wanted to do is go somewhere and scream out all that is gushing from inside me...all the groanings that cannot be uttered with words...there are no words for what's in my heart..........Faith? Thank you for sharing this has brought me to the hem of His graments...his "healing wings".

  2. This is an amazing post. As I was reading, I prayed and thanked God for something I am in desperate need of RIGHT NOW. I know He hears me and is answering.