Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I'm Being Blessed by God.

Man it's been difficult to get to a computer lately. I've been working on an exhibition stand for the past week and a bit that has taken up my daytime and nights haven't been exactly free either. I don't have access to the net from home so I have to walk about 3km to a friends offices to be able to update my blog, sometimes its a bit daunting after a long day in the workshop and then of course there is the long walk home again. Anyway I will try as best I can for the next few months but admit that my updates are going to be a bit sporadic for a while. As my title indicates, I'm being blessed. I've had to struggle for work for the past 18 months and at times there hasn't been enough money coming in to even afford a loaf of bread ( R6.00 = about $1.00 ) but now the money has started flowing again. I got a little partitioning job and then got this exhibition work which looks like it will carry on for quite a few months. Thank you Lord, I am truly grateful. Have you noticed how life seems to move in cycles with the odd years being more difficult and then evening out again in the even years or is it just me? Hopefully this year will be a good one. I still don't have a car but am putting my trust in the lord that during the next little while he will present me with an opportunity to get a bike, maybe a Honda Xl 250 street scrambler, that would be first prize but I leave it in his hands because he knows best. But now to something a bit more inspiring. Yesterday I read a few blogs and left a comment or two but was unable to get this computer to cooperate in order to write a new post so eventually I gave up trying and left. One of the things that had an impact on me was from the blog Daily grace. Here the writer tells us to empty our minds of all encumbrances and focus on God alone, Well while walking home I put this sage piece of advice into practice. WOW! It is so good to be able to just look upon the Lord and to take a break from all your troubles. It was an amazing experience and to tell you the truth I've been doing it all day. Oh Lord it is such a privilege to be able to gaze upon your majesty and know that you are there. On the way home I prayed to the Lord and asked him to pour out his spirit on me, by the time I got home I was singing and dancing in worship like there was no tomorrow. This went on for hours and has never happened to me before, it reminds me of King David when he danced before the lord as they brought the Ark of the Covenant to Jerusalem. I am being taught on a daily basis new spiritual truths and Know that at some time the Lord is going to use me for something, I'm not sure what but there must be some reason for his showing me all these things. Does anyone else have this intense personal relationship with the Lord where if they ask for something it happens within the same day or is it just me. I've come to be very careful about what I ask him to do. Anyway, please forgive me for not being as regular as I used to be, getting things done at the moment is a bit trying but I will do my best to keep this blog updated as often as possible. This computer doesn't have any photos on it and the one that does has just committed suicide so no photos just yet but as soon as I can I will add one or two. God bless you all and please add me to your prayers, not as someone in need but as a friend. Thanks to you all, you inspire me to keep going, may I do the same for you.


  1. I added myself to follow your blog again.

    I'm sorry I took myself off your follow list.
    I had over 90 blogs I was following and it was becoming hard for me to keep so I was deleting some that don't follow me.

    I don't see you as a follower of on my list ( maybe I'm just over looking you )
    Your welcome to add yourself the next time you visit

    God bless you, Ron
    if you would like to respond----ronj1946@gmail.com

  2. Thank you for trusting the Lord to take your stress and for allowing Him to fill you with joy and spiritual blessing. It just amazes me how the Lord speaks through His children and we never know the impact. I guess we'll never really know until we are sitting with Him. Let's just keep on doing what He calls us to do. He will do the blessing! Praise God.

  3. I haven't been able to leave many comments these past weeks. I have been doing my small business, plus my other job, and trying to keep up with other things. I pray you will find a car. You are truly blessed by God and I am truly blessed by your blogs!! I send my joy, peace and prayers your way. E-

  4. Have a wonderful weekend.
    God bless you and your family,

    Mr. and Mrs. Geezer