Monday, January 25, 2010

Trust, Friends, Plans and Wisdom

What can a good man do when the foundations have been undermined? Sometimes when we are trying to do great things it would be better to do them in secret until they are already on a firm footing before revealing our intentions. It has come to my attention that the very people in whom we confide are often, our worst enemies. It is so easy to discourage others that when we let anyone else know about our plans, their immediate response is to discourage us by questioning our ability. Of course I'm not speaking about showing the boss some innovation or other, but personal ambitions revealed to close friends. I have decided to keep stuff to myself from now on and let it be a surprise to others after the fact. Sometimes it is difficult to find the wise thing to do, but in this case I think wisdom says: "Too many fingers in the pie will spoil it." Man, people can really make each others lives difficult, but God gives wisdom and it is on Him that we rely. God bless you all. Yes you lawyers, it is no better with you! For you load men with intolerable burdens, but will not put a single finger to the load yourselves. You stop those entering the kingdom but you do not enter yourselves, you hypocrites(Luke 11, v46 and 52.)


  1. I've been on both sides of this--deflated a balloon of excitement and been criticized myself. I felt horrible when I realized how I'd hurt them. And when someone did it to me, it hurt. Sometimes the thing to do IS keep quiet; but other times it's finding people who will uplift and encourage your goals.
    Winged Writer

  2. Yes, the people we are around do influence us. Learning to trust others again is not always easy but, with time, I'm sure things will change. Thanks for your encouraging words God bless you, you have a good heart.

  3. Well said! I have fallen into that trap before. The good thing is that I must still remind myself of the my past mistakes, for not to make them again! LOL God is with you in all things, good and bad!

  4. As I often here said around where I live, "Cuidado" -- "be careful". I tend to let a lot of my plans and aspirations trickle out carefully to chosen sources for the reasons you mention. Although at the same time it's good to have a sounding board to test waters and reactions. You can sometimes get a real feel for who your friends are, or what kind of friends they are, by talking about your dreams. I have different friends for different things and they don't all have the same information about me.

  5. That Goose kind of reminds me a relative I have.

    I better not mention his/her name or I could be in big trouble !

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  6. arlee bird,
    Even God warns us to not trust our friends so your thinking is in line with scripture. thanks for the visit.

    The Old Geezer,
    Yes geese do tend to leave a lot of poo around. Thanks for the invite and the follow, I would be happy to follow your blog, I realy enjoy reading it.