Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Truth about God and Jesus

This has been one of those really hectic weeks where I just couldn't get to a computer to sit down and write a new post. I've been building a partition across a large room for one of my church friends. It's taken a lot longer than expected but I hope to get finished on Monday.
I've also just been called in to build an exhibition stand or two that will keep me in work until the end of March. Cool! This morning while I was walking to work I prayed to the Lord " Lord bless me please." I have been struggling lately and have been feeling a bit despondent about a number of things that have been getting on top of me, so When I got the call, all I could say was "Thank you Lord." He is so faithful.
I am one of those people who have an intimate relationship with God, not because of anything that I have done but because God has taken note of me and revealed himself to me. I am truly blessed. Yes, I am a sinner but God himself has and still is refining me in the fire of affliction, He says " do not take offence at the rebuke of the Lord because he disciplines a favourite son ." This has taken about 18 months so far even though I've been a Christian for 24 years.
Jesus tells us that the Kingdom of Heaven has come upon us. What this really means is: you too can now have an intimate relationship with God and look to him as you would to your father.
When this all started I did something really bad, I got drunk after having come off a movie set where I had been really badly treated and flew off the handle at God. I blamed him for everything, I told him he was a lier and his promise of prosperity was untrue and so on and so on. Anyway , I couldn't forgive myself and have spent the last 18 months believing that God couldn't forgive me, with the result that I have become more and more despondent but on Sunday while I was praying about this very same thing, again, pleading with him to forgive me he got me thinking about my children and then the question popped into my heart: Would you forgive your children if they had said those things to you when in distress and drunk? Of course I would, no question about it. Then he said to me "In just the way that you would forgive your children so have I forgiven you." It's still taking a Little time for me to forgive myself but now I know that God has forgiven me and has not abandoned me. Knowing that God is on my side and not against me is changing how I perceive what is happening around me. Jesus says "If you ask in my name I will do it." It's as simple as that, ask in the name of Jesus and receive. It's actually a bit scary, I am learning to ask for the right things but still have trouble with how fast they are presented to me and how easy it is to miss them. The faith is there but self confidence is still lacking. Jesus also says "And I tell you, you shall never see me until the time when you say, "Blessings on him who comes in the name of the Lord."' What he is saying is that when you pray about something and he presents it to you and you don't receive it as such, you wil not recognize Jesus in what has just happened.

My friends there is still so much that I could tell you, like the rainbow that appeared at the bottom of my garden with a 30ft base after I asked God if he promised to prosper me, a very personal promise, (remember Noah), or when the clouds cleared over the farm after I rebuked them because I was trying to get my laundry dry, it was raining on each of the boundaries and Cape Town was covered in cloud or the time I was bitten by a cobra or my near death experience and many other happenings but now I think that this post is long enough. What I can say is this;


 When a woman is pregnant for the first time she believes that childbirth is painful but after the child is born she knows that it is sore. That's how I know God, It has gone beyond belief. My personal request for you my friends is: " Oh Lord bless these readers and friends and teach them to take note and believe."
Thank you Lord.

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