Friday, January 29, 2010

Rightcheous Peace and Joy

Just a quick word to all my friends before I go trundling off to work. When you know that you are doing the right thing the reward is peace and with peace comes Joy. Serving God and following his ways results in days that are filled with excitement. Never a dull moment. Have a great day today and if I can't get back to you for a while please forgive me, I'm kinda busy right now. God bless you all.


  1. I really identify with your Holy Spirit connected way of living daily life. I had a patient in my office yesterday. She looked radiant. I asked her what the "glow" was about, knowing she had had an encounter with the Lord. She said she was in a Bible Study that was doing a study called 60 in 60. For 60 days, on sets an alarm to go off every 60 minutes. When the alarm sounds, one is to stop and take inventory of where you and God are at that moment. She said this had made her realize she needs to be God conscious 24/7. I absolutely love that idea. If a person did that, it would be a habit and there would be no need for the alarm. There would be an automatic "God check" consistently throughout the day. Some people don't need that kind of prompt. Thanks for all your visits to my sight. God bless.

  2. HI just came to visit to say thanks for stopping by my blog. Sounds like you have agreat attitude.

    Kate xx

  3. Inside The Shrink:
    Thanks for your great witness, yes living daily with the knowledge that God is with you all the time certainly does have a remarkable impact, not only on what you do, but what you think about. Not everyone is aware of him all the time, most of us are too dusy being distracted by life, but that may be a good thing too. With much knowledge comes much trepidation.(King Solomons words in Proverbs.)

    Thank you for your compliment, I love stopping by your blog, it realy makes for pleasant reading.