Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Frozen resolution

It's Wednesday morning and there is snow on the ground. Susan and I returned to London on Saturday evening from Dublin. We were lucky in that a lot of other flights were cancelled but, because our flight was rather late, they had managed to spread salt on the runway and get the snow cleared. Can you imagine trying to control a huge aircraft, traveling at hundreds of miles an hour, on ice? Susan and I had rather a harrowing journey from Glendalough to Dublin traveling at a meager 20 miles an hour. Things get very slippery at sub-zero temperatures. Anyway we're back in England safe and sound, thank you Lord.
Monday saw Susan back at work and me spending the day attending to e-mails and trying to improve my blog (without much success I must add). Considering the fact that just a few months ago I was unable to even "cut and paste", I think I'm not doing too poorly. I don't like spending the whole day inside and not being able to go outside. It's freezing here.

Even the cats only go out for a quick few seconds and then do this hilarious little four legged levitation sort of dance while trying to get back inside without touching the ground. Very funny. Anyway when I look at other blogs they look so professional while mine looks a little amateurish so I'm trying to doll it up a little but still have a lot to get my head around.
One thing that I've noticed in my life is that if I have a goal for the year and complete it, I take more pleasure out of my time, if that makes sense. Well I've been thinking about a project for the year and since I'm a carpenter and like quite a few things like sailing and photography I have been looking for a bit of a challenge. Photography really requires very little but honing ones skills and getting out there and taking photos while sailing, takes getting out there and sailing unless one decides to build a boat. Boats are big and need either to be moved to the ocean or some place to be stored when not in use, and I've already built boats in the past so not much of a challenge there. Another thing I've enjoyed very much is flying, I've been looking for plans to build a simple plane for years and yesterday I found what I've been looking for.
I wanted a small 2 seater, something that would be able to take myself and someone else up into the clouds with a camera and so on and so on. We will have to see what happens over the next few months, I'm looking forward to it already. I will keep everyone updated on progress as things happen.
Sunday approaches and my flight back home beckons, too long away from home can leave one stranded, and not having anyone to enjoy experiences with does seem a little pointless. Susan has taken the day off work and hopefully we can do something worthwhile today. I do miss home and am looking forward to being back on the farm and in sunshine again. Anyway I will update this post later in the day. God bless you all.

What is your big goal or project for 2010?

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