Saturday, January 09, 2010

It's freeeeeeeezing in London. The snow stopped a few days ago in the city but with clear skies and a little wind, temperatures have plummeted to sub-zero. When it first started snowing a lot of people went outside and built snowmen and had snowball fights but I think that everyone is becoming a little fed up with the cold. Some schools are closed and this causes a huge problem for single parents who can't go to work, employees cannot get to work and the roads are treacherous to say the least. This is costing the country a fortune. Roll on summer and Sunday when I go back to sunshine and braaivleis( barbecue.)


  1. Hope you are staying warm....oh! so cold! I understand why you are thinking of warmer weather!
    God bless you! E-

  2. Yes, We spend a lot of time indoors. It's the little trips to museums and art galleries that are freezing, Inside warm-good, outside cold-not good. I'm leaving today with mixed feelings. Don't know when I'll be back again. Thanks for your encouragement.