Thursday, January 14, 2010

Forgiving: How to Forgive

There is a story in the new testament where a woman washes the feet of Jesus and then dries them with her hair. She also anoints his feet with oil of Nard.In the story there is a pharisee named Simon who, seeing this woman's behavior questions the Integrity of Jesus's insight by thinking to himself " If this fellow were a real prophet, he would know who this woman is that touches him, and what kind of woman she is, a sinner." Jesus of course knows what he is thinking and rebukes him by use of a parable, pointing out that those who know they are sinners and crave forgiveness are more grateful than those who stand in judgement of them. Oh how foolish we can be, not understanding the pain others go through in their lives. God See's our struggles and he himself collects our tears in a jar, almost like oil of Nard. He counts every drop and views each one as precious. This woman did not ask for forgiveness but displayed, through her actions, just how much she loved the Lord and how much she longed for forgiveness. We too can forgive others. If you do, you will see just how much the forgiven person will appreciate it. Try it, you will like it. This all relates to an incident that took place recently where someone told me to stop judging her. I was surprised that she thought I was judging her and immediately responded by saying " I'm not judging you, you are judging yourself. What I'm saying is," you are forgiven." She burst out crying. God bless her, she left me feeling very humble.


  1. I actually think holding grudges is a really bad idea. All it does is hurt you - never good to be angry.

    Kate xx

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  3. Great blog! The message is so pertinent for today....thanks for sharing! E-

  4. Kate; I agree whole heartedly. God bless you.

    Abby; Thanks, they are realy great pictures and it's about time you went on a school outing. God bless you.

    Elizabeth, yes for me too. May your life go on with God.