Thursday, January 07, 2010


We all have our strugles in life and I like you have mine. Last night I had a dream, I cannot tell you what the dream was but when I woke up the following thoughts were running through my mind: "You can do what I've given you to do and whatever you cannot, I will, for nothing is impossible for me."

 God is the god of the impossible! What is possible for man has been given to man to achieve but what is impossible for man is possible for God and this is the realm where God's power becomes evident. There are a number of accounts in The Bible where people have been raised from the dead; Elijah revived the widow's son in Zarephath, a village in Sidon; Elisha revived the son of the influential woman in Shunem; Jesus restored Jairus's daughter to life in Galilee and in a town called Nain, he raised a widow's son who was about to be buried. He also raised Lazarus who had already been buried and was in a sealed tomb. These were real people raised by real living people by the power of God. Of course the most controversial resurrection of all time was the resurrection of Jesus himself, not by any living man but by God himself.
In Egypt he caused all sorts of plagues to beset Pharaoh and the Egyptians and eventually led the Israelites out across the Red Sea which he parted with a wall of water standing to either side of them and then led them through the wilderness to the promised land. He caused Israel's enemies to attack each other more than once and caused the Babylonians to release their slaves and to send them back to Jerusalem to rebuild it after having destroyed it seventy years earlier.
He miraculously provided for widows such as the one mentioned above and rained huge hailstones on the enemies of his chosen people when they called on him. He even caused a virgin to conceive and give birth to his Messiah.

Oh ye of little faith, do you limit God himself and judge his ability by your own limitations? Next time you think something is impossible, look up at the heavens and consider whether you could create them or at a flower and whether you, with all your technology and wisdom, could make something of such beauty and perfection come to life.
An interesting thing that science has discovered is that, when you study the stuff from which matter is made down to the very smallest dimension, smaller than meons and strings, you get to the point where anything is possible, and when you go out to the very edges of the universe you once again get to the point where nothing is impossible. This is the realm where God is in control.

So don't limit God and when something seems impossible to you, call on God and he himself will come to your aid. THAT'S A PROMISE.
Trust in God my friends for his word is true despite anything you have been told and his love is extended to you. Call on him in singleness of heart and see just how faithful he is. God bless all of you in the name of Jesus his promised messiah.
The images above were taken from The New English Bible printed in Great Britain at the University press, Oxford. isbn 0 564 00201 1

Has God ever revealed something to you in a dream and if so would you like to share it with me?

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