Sunday, January 10, 2010

God bless England.

All things must come to an end, including my trip to England and today I leave for Cape Town. So as a "thank you" to those I've met here and those I've not, I would just like to say

 "You live in a most interesting part of the world, your buildings and history show just how influential your country has been in what has taken shape all over the globe."
To those with whom I've had the pleasure of speaking I would like to say " It was a pleasure hearing your views and in my opinion, you have proved the myth that the British are rude to be nonsense." To those I've seen at work in sometimes most unpleasant weather I would like to say " Rather you than me mate." And to Londoners in general I would like to say " Thank you for my stay, You are an amazing people and I've thoroughly enjoyed my stay despite the clement weather conditions.
 Next time I'll come in spring or autumn. I'm proud to have visited your country, Thanks again."

And finally to Susan " You have looked after me and shown just how worthy a person you truly are. You've put up with ferrying me all over the place and always finding something interesting to see.

You've fed me and taken care of all my needs without complaint and now you are sending me on my way with a blessing. THANK YOU SO MUCH. You deserve a medal."

To those who are not in England, I would just like to encourage you to visit this incredible country, my visit, although embarked upon in trepidation, has been an eye opener and has proven well worth it in the end. I will never forget my holiday here.

Please keep off the ice.


  1. Gorgeous pictures. Thanks for giving the rest of us a taste.

  2. In England they say "It's a pleasure." In America they say "You'r welcome, I'm sure." In South Africa we say "U's welkom."

  3. E. Great subject matter always helps, photographicaly and wording. Thanks for your kind words. G