Thursday, January 07, 2010

The very big white christmas present.

Well the end of the year approaches and the time for decisions has come. I'm going to England in three days time and there is much trepidation, not because of the trip but because I'm in the "valley of decision" at the moment which seems to be the place we land up in when realy bid decisions need to be made, go figure. We seem to spend so much effort trying to keep others happy that we ourselves sometimes get lost in the process and our own happiness flies out the window. Maybe once this decision has been made things will settle down. I do realize that no one knows what this is all about but understanding will come in one of my later posts. All I can say at the moment is that the decision I have to make has to do with the heart and will affect my entire future, but patience, all will be revealed.
Hopefully once in England I will be able to take some photos and write about what it's like to have my first white Christmas. Of course Christmas in the southern hemisphere comes in the middle of summer so this will be my first.
I want to take this opportunity to wish all those who are my friends a truly blessed Christmas and to say that I look forward to reading your amazing posts in the future. Wish me luck with my very big decision.

Have you ever been in the valey of decision and how did it work out?


  1. Geoff, God bless you as you venture into the world of sidewalks, coffee shops, beautiful colored walls, large doors, old buildings and gray skies. Not to mention, traffic mess ups as well. Nonetheless, take care of yourself because nobody will. I do wish you the best Christmas ever and I am so very happy to have come across you magnificent blog! Though I know you will miss your animals, the blue skies and the tall mountain ranges....still I send you Peace on your way to England! God is with you. E-
    P.s. Thanks for the lovely messages on my blog..they made my day!

  2. Thanks E-. I must say, this place is interesting but I seem to have chosen a realy bad time to go walkabout. It's freezing. The worst winter the've had in more than 50yrs. Susan is taking very good care of me and yes, I do miss my babies.