Friday, December 18, 2009

The things I miss

Well Christmas is almost here and the families of the world gather together to share their triumphs and successes of the past year. I was recently graciously invited to an end of year party at one of the companies I did some work for. All the employees arrived with their children and we adults busied ourselves around the fire talking and having fun while the children showed off their prowess on skateboards and bicycles. In due course I began to remember my childhood when we as children attended Christmas parties at the company where my father worked (Crown Cork Company), There were a lot more children then and the whole affair was geared towards the children. Father Christmas was there, cool drinks flowed in abundance and there was no shortage of sweets (candy) and we all received lots of presents. Not so anymore, things have changed so much these days. The children at this party each got a present and a few sweets but there was no Father Christmas or Christmas tree. The whole focus  nowadays seems to be on how hard everyone is going to have to work next year. I miss the family focus of earlier days. All of this got me thinking about my father who died in 1978 and for the first time in a very long time I started to miss him. Life is so much more than the daily struggle to keep up with the bank payments.
 My daughter Shelley arrives this evening from Johannesburg and my son James will be spending more time with me for the next week or so before I go rushing off to England to spend a little time with my ex-wife's children. Then it's back to Cape Town  to cope with the banks for another year.  I miss my father. I miss my mother my sisters and brother and most of all I miss my children. But for now I would like to say to you Oh Lord: " THANK YOU LORD FOR FAMILY."

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  1. This is a very touching blog, I am glad you will be seeing some more family in England. You have a beautiful daughter, and I understand your pain. Someday I will tell you what happen to me several years ago.... But for now I send you my blessing. Peace be with you. E-