Monday, December 28, 2009

Doing the tourist thing in London.

Susan and I decided to do the tourist thing yesterday by going into central London. It was an interesting experience. We started by catching the tube from North Acton into the city. These trains certainly move and judging by how quickly we arrived at our destination, I can understand why people use them rather than taking their cars not to mention parking and congestion charges. There is so much history in this city, everywhere, every building, every road, every step you take.

We started early so by the time we got into London there were not all that many people about, it was Sunday after all, and right after Christmas and since the weather is so cold the lack of people up and about is understandable, of course by mid day that all changed. I don't think I've ever seen so many people, it was like having a river of humanity flowing all around us. Lord I hope heaven is REA LY big.

The shops were all open and of course restaurants were doing a roaring trade. Everyone seemed to be bustling along with smiles on their faces, shopping bags in hand. When I think of Cape Town on a really busy day and look at all these people here I can understand why people come from all over the world to spend Christmas in the Cape. There's so little congestion by comparison . Anyway that's enough about people.
The buildings and other things such as London buses and telephone booths are amazing, just like in the movies, not that I expected them to be any different but to be amongst them in real life is quite cool.

there is so much to see and tell that one has a realy hard time deciding what to show and what to write about. What I will say is that it was well worth the trip and braving the freezing temperatures. I had a great time. Thank you Lord and thank you Susan you have blessed me with something to remember for a long time to come. God bless London.

Where have you been to where you were a tourist and do you have tourists that come to your area?


  1. What lovely photos! I really enjoyed your blog! Very interesting and I am glad all is well. God is with you! E-

  2. Thanks E-. I realy love yours too.