Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cwele Mission

Have you ever wondered what a real missinn station is like? Well I recently went to a catholic mission station in the Trans Kei South africa. I'm not a catholic but just a believer in God and his son Jesus.
What I found there was not what I was expecting. I found Friendship, Love, Family, Acceptance, Cooperation and a complete lack of fighting and this was between the people who live there. I myself was accepted with open arms. I must say that to put into words my complete experience is a bit beyond me at the moment.

The pastor Father Octavius. A great leader, humble, generous and very loved by not only his flock but by everyon in the whole area.

There are about 500 children at the mission, many of them are aids orphens looked after by the sisters that stay there.

Father Octavius lives alone in this huge house and when not involved in actual work spends a lot of time watching Africa Magic. A tv chanel made in Africa about African people.

I think he gets a little lonely sometimes and guests are always welcome especialy if you come from far away.

This is the bedroom in which I stayed for my brief visit.

The admin offices and dining room.

The boys were unusualy quiet and well behaved when they saw me with a camera.

The girls on the other hand............

Sister Leah at her desk getting ready for the provisions that have just arrived.

All the little ones helping to unload provisions.

The store room with some of the supplies that have just arrived from Umthatah about 90 km inland.

Some of the staff in the kitchen.

Not all the appliences are up market as can be imagined.

Big pots. Big meals. Big mama.

I had a wonderfull time and would like to take this oppertunity to thank Father Octavius and everyone at Cwele mission for the love and friendship they showed me. You showed me what family realy is. THANK YOU. May God bless all of you.

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