Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The big freeze.

Cape Town is experiencing summer right now, temperatures in the upper twenties (centigrade), blue skies and sunburn but in winter we have our secret season. The wind comes from the north west and brings rain off the Atlantic ocean. Temperatures in the low teens and cloudy skies. With the rain comes life and those amazingly warm days when the sun comes out from hiding and the wind doesn't blow. Life seems to take a quiet breath and all the plants turn green. Mushrooms and lichens proliferate, getting ready to spread their spores far and wide in the next breeze.
 Spiders webs glisten with dew in the cool morning sunshine like diamonds suspended in the clear air, soon to disapear as the day warms up. On rainy days the view closes in forcing you to look more closely at your immediate surroundings and of course everything turns to mud. Great for children and dogs, Chickens don't like the rain all that much but they still go outside and hide under bushes and any outher cover they can find. Of course the geese are right at home, breeding season for them and do they squabble a lot, wow. this is the time of year when I take great pleasure in living on a farm. Of course it has to come to an end eventualy, making way for spring.

Still the rains come but now it's the turn of the plants. Masses of flowers in the most amazing shapes and colours cover the landscape in great swaths of colour interspersed with green. Tortoises come out to play and insects abound in all shapes and sizes. Of course we do get Cape Cobras and Mole snakes among others but how many people do you know who have been bitten by a snake? So they are not realy a problem.
Nesting time for the wild birds as well. Crows are a problem in their theft of eggs from any and all nests but the chicks that hatch earlier seem to be able to grow up before the onslaught.

Then we start to go into summer with the south easterlies and high temperatures and of course lots of tourists but this is our dry season and as you can imagine everything turns brown.The mud is no longer a problem and all the pretty little diamonds disapear. Grasses give off their pollen and cause all sorts of problems for people who suffer from hayfever. Food is quite plentiful for a while but as the season wears on this too disapears and becomes scarcer especialy for the geese who graze on green grass.
Anyway I'm off to England and their freezing weather for two weeks. I will have to take some pictures and carry on with this blog from there. I'm looking forward to it.
GOD truly is amazing and this is all supplied free of charge. I think that I'm very blessed. May he bless you too over this festive season.

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  1. Great information! I appreciated you sharing much good stuff! Have a nice time in England....someday I am going there myself. I only have lived in Italy and America. But my life isn't over, for someday I will travel again!
    God bless you as well!